Saturday, September 17, 2016

Good Morning!  I'm freshly home from a wonderful week of driving around our lovely state and taking in the sights (and taking pictures, of course!)  But there are two collections that have made their way into my TDC shop at your request  :)

First is The Good Earth, a richly colored collection perfect for gardening and harvesting:

And next is a perennial favorite - vintage and cheerful Pet Story:

Everything you need to scrap your favorite furbaby (with or without fur, LOL)!

And here's some fabulous new inspiration to get your creative thoughts going:

Both collections will be at the introductory sale price for a limited time.  You can  visit my shop HERE, and until next time, happy scrapping!


Thursday, September 8, 2016

Happy September!  Here we are past Labor Day and getting into the routines of fall...  but it's still lovely with cooler nights and hints of color changes on the way. My husband and I are planning a little getaway next week to take in some Montana sights - the "welcome home" tour as we have dubbed it.  In preparation I have added some things to the Western Wonders collection so I am all ready to scrap when I get home :)

I admit that this collection of add-ons amused me - there's something delightful about these little paper-pieced campers and cars and cabins - a leftover emotion from playing with paper dolls, I guess.  At any rate, while outside my typical style I know they will add some special touches to my pages.  
Here are some great inspiration pages from my creative friends and the TDC team:

Also new this week is The Faith Project -Self-control:


And a beautiful sample from Deanna at TDC:

Both Western Wonders Add-Ons and The Faith Project - Self Control will be at the introductory sale price in my shop through Tuesday.  Enjoy your weekend and
 until next time, happy scrapping!  


Thursday, September 1, 2016

It's time for The Hatchery at The Digichick, September edition!  Pick and mix your favorites at a special price across the shop :)

Here are my contributions:

The colors are fabulous, and I am so ready for fall!

My daughter has been taking some neat photos of her dog Leo (well, of her scottie Penny, too, but Penny didn't make it into my scrapping session this time) and I had a little fun with them:

This is Leo and his playdate "girlfriend" Arya - they are best buds apparently.

And here's Leo and his tennis ball:

I have such a time with white space layouts, but I love these faceted papers and didn't want to cut up or hide any more than I had to, so I stopped.  It was still hard.  It was also hard to pick which one to use  ;)

The Hatchery goodies will be at the special introductory special price all week - individual packs of mine are $2 and the bundle is $5.99.  Lots of fun for a nice price  :)

Until next time, happy scrapping!  


Thursday, August 25, 2016

My husband and I recently moved back to Montana after a 15-year absence.  We are both realizing how much we missed our beautiful state, and enjoying many excursions out in the scenery.  I have a new collection called Western Wonders this week; its palette is taken directly from my photos taken near Yellowstone Park so it's sure to enhance your western photo collection. 

Because I have oodles of scenery photos, and because I like my trip pages to have a cohesive look without being too repetitive, there are a lot of papers included - 20 solids to help compliment scenic color variations, and 16 patterned papers.  There are also more options to help you get just the right look to your project:

The template is perfect for a mountain photo:

(oh mountains, how I have missed you - I kept it super simple to let the photo shine)

My CT (and the wonderful Digichick team) has loads of inspiration, too:

(awesome two-pagers; I love using those to tell about a tour or a day trip)

Beautiful, right?  I hope you find them all as inspiring as I do!
You can pick up Western Wonders HERE at the introductory sale price through Monday, and until next time, happy scrapping!  

Friday, August 12, 2016

It has been a lovely week; I appreciate the messages of support over my shop move!  I hope you are enjoying your days as summer begins to wind down a bit and we gear up for fall routines (I loved typing that.  I ♥ fall!)

I have a new addition to The Faith Project this week - we have been taking each of the Fruits of the Spirit referenced in Galatians 5.  I've spent quite a lot of time over the last months trying to figure out just what feels comfortable in this whole Faithbooking journey, and it turns out that I'm just a traditional gal and I love traditional-style Faithbooking.  So this is a traditional kit (the advantage is that it makes it uber-versatile) and helpful word art: 

The colors are soft and pretty and, dare I say it? gentle :)
There's also a coordinating set of templates - I love photo cluster templates, and there's one here for those multi-photo pages, and there's a coordinating "dressy" page to set off that star photo - or word art!  Feel free to customize these to your particular use - I love to put paper in some of the photo spots sometimes when I have fewer photos, and the photo "frames" are completely optional - turn them off or layer and clip your favorite paper to them.  You can even apply a style if that's your thing!

My CT (and the wonderful Digichick team) has inspiring samples for you:

In addition to the new goodies, I am continuing to add in previously available kits and templates - the good news is that they will be discounted just as the new products are, so you will save 30%! 

You can  visit my new shop HERE, and until next time, happy scrapping!  

Thursday, August 4, 2016

This has been a year of many changes in my life.  Apparently one change can trigger a virtual avalanche everywhere else ;)  I've moved my digiscrap shop back to The Digichick this week; I found myself craving community and theirs is one of the most vibrant and cheerful I've found.  So I hope you will join me when you get a chance!  This week is a fabulous time to start, because it's TDC's 11th birthday, and there is a major celebration going on:

(I might add, they are serious about the lovely prizes - go check it out!)

And who doesn't love a 40% off sale?! I don't have all of my things in my shop yet, but there's a nice selection and lots of things in the Chick Blitz category, so it's a good chance to plump up your stash.

I also have a new collection for you:

Full of the deep, rich colors that I love, Summer Sunset is full of glimmering goodies.  There's a full collection, with journal cards, word art, and lots of papers - even templates!

I even played with the template this morning-

(happiness is living in a house that has a view of the Sunrise AND the Sunset!)

My CT (and the wonderful Digichick team) has loads of inspiration, too:

Beautiful, right?  I hope you find some inspiration here!
You can  visit my new shop HERE, and until next time, happy scrapping!