Friday, February 22, 2008

The Camera Gets a Reprieve

Lucky li'l Powershot is off the hook with the evil fairy name. Turns out the memory of a middle-aged woman can be just a tich unreliable, LOL (those who know me will kindly do me the favor of keeping their eyebrows unraised, show a little mercy here, people.) Anyway, thanks to Dani for setting me straight - it isn't Millicent at all, it's Maleficent. Which totally makes sense, I mean, look at the troublemaking intent contained within those syllables! One can only admire the cleverness that was Disney.

The camera is still staying Millicent, though. *I* know that she veered dangerously close to the line of total naughtiness; therefore her name will flirt with evil, too (with kind of a backhanded shading of "old lady" which I totally think is fair). I wish this put me in the same cleverness level as Disney - alas, 'tain't so, but it is what it is.

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DanisDelusions said...

Personally, I think Millicent is a fitting name : )