Thursday, March 20, 2008

Efficiency is highly overrated.

Efficiency can sometimes mimic meddling, especially when it comes to Blogger. I was quite comfortable with forgetting to edit my "new" age on my profile; I knew I'd get around to changing it (in a year or two), but seems that not only does Blogger "efficiently" act to save my posts as I craft them (anticipating the cry of dismay as my computer freezes and I realize that the careful coordinated blather that flows over the page has disappeared into frothy nothingness with nary a bit nor pixel left behind to prove that I wasn't REALLY wasting time, well at least not completely), but also auto-updates the blogger's age. Hmmm. MUST we?

1 comment:

Miss Chris said...

When you blog you are not wasting your time, you are providing a vehicle for me to waste my time! See, you are providing a much needed service to me so that I can avoid folding that hamper full of laundry that has been there so long it is probably dusty enough that I need to wash it again. There, now don't you feel useful!