Friday, March 28, 2008


I think I finally figured out why I've been such a dull girl this last week or so. I'm still processing everything we did in New Orleans. Turns out that trying to cram every experience you can into a week in a strange city catches up with you when you get home (at least it does if you're an introvert and a slow thinker, lol) Alternatively, it could be that I am just lazy and boring, but as I also work pretty hard to avoid responsibility, I'm going to go with Door Number One.

In an effort to kickstart some brainwaves (other than participating in commerce on the inernet - turns out overstimulification doesn't provide much of a damper on hitting the "Buy" button on agreeable websites) I'm going to dip into Random Thoughts mode and jot some stuff down. Maybe the release of pressure of all the gurgling jumbled thought fragments will give me room for focused, pithy, and well-reasoned... or maybe not, as I don't even seem to be able to end that sentence intelligently (where do "they" hide the words that perimenopausal women are trying to think of? Because I'd seriously like to dig through that warehouse and see if I can find the other half of my vocabulary).


I got a new computer for my birthday (please note aforementioned reference to internet commerce, 'cause this was one BIG button and pretty darned fun to push). My husband actually challenged me to buy the coolest thing I could configure, and doggone it I love my husband and want to please him with every fiber of my being! (particularly in regards to aforementioned internet commerce, although I'm not sure he intended this every fiber of my being thing to extend out quite so many days), so I did. It's bee-yoo-tee-ful.

And as you can see, I DID ACTUAL PHYSICAL LABOR to set it up. (please note aforementioned reference to not being lazy and boring. While no actual refutation of boringness, I think we can lay LAZY to rest, at least for an hour or two). As you can also see in picture number 2, Actual Physical Labor was content to rest after computer was assembled and before boxes were put away. No actual surprise there, as you cannot participate in internet commerce with empty boxes. And yes, I know they weren't technically empty, being full of packing materials (and a few shreds of my hair and self-dignity from the assemblage process).

I'm feeling all kinds of better about myself, now. Just seeing in print that I'm not a total slug (and pictoral evidence, too! True, both print and picture have been manufactured by me, but y'know, I think I'm okay with that) gives me new hope and verve.

I think I need to go shopping.


DanisDelusions said...

It's always hard to get back in gear after a vacation. You think you will come back refreshed and ready to tackle everyday life with new vigor. But it's rarely the case *L* But hey, nothing helps like a brand new Dell!!!

Miss Chris said...

Julie, love the new set up! Why is it I always feel like I need a vacation after I go on vacation? I think you have answered that question! Enjoy some down time and your new toy!

Hummie said...

OH my....I'll say it again...what talent you have in writing! I read every word of this....and I enjoyed seeing photos of where you sit when you chat with us.

I don't e-Commerce much....but I know that button thrill none-the-less!