Tuesday, April 15, 2008

General awkwardness and discontent

It was nearly 80 degrees in Denver today. I guess God wanted the weather to be nice for everyone to drive to the post office to send in their tax returns. The only trouble is that the wind is blowing about six hundred miles an hour. (heh heh, hyperbole RULES!) And because it was hot (comparatively) and windy (exaggeratedly) I had the worst hair day so far this year (yes, worse than the 2 humid days in New Orleans, although I would point out to you that there was a common factor, that being WIND). So I finally forced myself to go get a haircut.

Now, I don't really know WHY it is so hard to force myself to get a haircut. Part of the reason is, admittedly, making a decision. Should I do something different? Should I do something the same? How short? How Long? Should I get it highlighted? Should I get a perm? Should I put it off? Somehow the only question that gets answered is the last one, and it's answered by default, because I just DON'T DO ANYTHING.

So today I was driving past Cost Cutters and fresh from a glimpse of myself as I had gotten in the car, I just turned in. After all, the very least I can do is a hair cut, I can decide the rest of that stuff later. I march in, and give my orders (truthfully, trying to DESCRIBE what I want is almost worse than DECIDING what I want) and sit with the clear conscience of a woman who has finally Done Something.

There is the de rigeur joshing about the bangs... I may procrastinate about having a trained person cut my hair, but there is no limit to the ravages I am willing to wreak on my own bangs. And as I pointed out to the gal, I really had been quite noble, because I had used my husband's mustache scissors to cut them instead of the cuticle scissors, which was my weapon of choice before David accidentally grew a goatee this last Christmas. So, yeah, the bangs need to be "adjusted" and the cut should be chin length bob, and we're off.

So how unreasonable is it of me to be disappointed? This was the most concise set of directions I've ever given, and yet I am not happy. What should have come off was 2+ inches, instead it was about an inch (although I will be the first to admit that the bangs are much tidier). Am I disappointed because it doesn't look the way I hoped? or because it isn't "dramatic" enough? or because it won't last as long in the procrastination arena, lol?

I have to admit: I am THIS CLOSE to calling and making an appointment for a highlight on Saturday. And because I'm a total wuss and won't go back for a fix to the gal that under "cut" it, you KNOW I'll probably end up... getting a haircut... ::sigh::


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Miss Chris said...

Go for it and get highlights! they'll give you a whole new lease on life!!

Janet said...

What's missing is a picture of you with your new "do".