Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Lots of convoluted yammering about thinking

Inspiration is, truly, a wonderful thing. It can also give you a headache ;) I've had pretty close to four billion two hundred and twenty-three ideas in the last two or three days, and I'm here to tell you that that's about four billion too many to try to pack into a forty-nine-year-old brain in that short of a time frame (just bet you were thinking it was a tetch too many ideas, period, particularly those of you who are well-acquainted with me). As I remarked to my friends (hi friends! ::waving::), if I don't start writing things down, I'm going to spend all of my time trying to remember what I was thinking about and spend no time whatsoever actually getting any of them accomplished.

And don't even get me started about downloading helpful bits and pieces that I find out on the web and want to save to "help" me accomplish some of the aforementioned fourbillion- twohundred-twentythree ideas. It was bad enough back when I only had two thousand forty ideas and one computer - at least I had a fairly good idea that the whatchamacallit was somewhere on the C drive and if I looked I could probably find it...eventually. Now, though, with a considerably higher idea inventory (yeah, I got tired of typing out the number) and TWO computers, I really don't have a clue where anything is, and if I ever find it I'm not sure I'll be able to use it because I'm so exhausted from trying to remember what it was that I was saving it for in the first place.

But (you knew there would be one, eventually, and I am not a woman to let you down!) I think I know how to fix all this Thinking Mess, and maybe those of you who also have Thinking Messes will benefit from this, too. The first impulsive coping mechanism is probably "STOP Thinking!" -but that really doesn't help me much because I HAVE been thinking already, and have the ideas, and besides - stop thinking? SO not a good habit to get into, LOL, so I will quickly move on to...

  1. Write stuff down. An outline, as it were, bone structure to be fleshed out later into glorious accomplishment. If you write it down, you'll stop subconsciously worrying that you're going to forget it, and your brain will be a lot less tired and a lot less distracted. Extra credit for bullet points and numbers, mostly because it gives you a teensy rest between thinking and remembering, LOL.
  2. Separate the chaff from the wheat - note that some ideas are just ideas, and other ideas are things that actually should be done. Having all those jostling up against each other can be dreadfully uncomfortable - no wonder my head aches!
  3. Come up with a ToDo list. Or, if you like, a TaDa list, because doggone it, this IS exciting! This is where all the ideas that actually should be done are given permission to enter the accomplishment queue. With the remaining Just Ideas you will also create an inventory where passing thoughts are given a chair to sit in until you decide if they should wait, or get in the TaDa queue, or maybe, just maybe, run on down the road and hang out at the weird neighbor's house because yes, they ARE that crazy and shouldn't be seen any more!
  4. Write down what you download, and where you put it. Now when I write that out it sounds half obvious, and half pathetic. Truth is, though, jotting a note isn't exactly hard labor, and it will help create a system so you aren't running around like Scrat the Squirrel from the movie Ice Age, trying to keep your nuts from rolling away from you! Kindly refrain from thinking, "poor dear really IS nuts!" at this point in your reading. Well, okay, you can think it, but .... no, don't write THAT down! ::sigh::
By now it's probably clear that a lot of lists are in the works. And I have gotten to this point before. I have the two inch pile of scribbled notes somewhere to prove it. Which means that I'm not really that much better off, because now my brain is cluttered AND my desk is cluttered too. So now what? Ah, this is where it all gets good, because now-

YOU GET TO GO SHOPPING! LOL. To buy a new notebook. And a new pen. Maybe a file folder. And how cool would it be if they all matched and coordinated? And maybe you could print out that great paper you got in the latest scrapbooking kit and do some hybrid scrapping with your new notebook! And maybe the folders could match, or maybe it would be better if they coordinated... And then....

oh wait. Those are all ideas.

New Ideas.

Isn't this where we came in? ::sigh::

So now, here's one thing I managed to get on a list and now can cross off the list (if I can find the list): Lower case alpha, numbers, and punctuation for Doodle-y Doo:

Remember, only the alpha is contained in the files, the other stickers are in the other parts of the kit. If you missed those, please check older posts. Enjoy!
Download HERE


Miss Chris said...

Love it, you will be swimming with endorphins now!

DanisDelusions said...

::waves back::

You need to add write a book to one of your lists. It's a shame to waste your writing talent on a mere blog :)

Maria said...

Thank you! Your blog post will be advertised on the DigiFree Digital Scrapbooking Freebie search engine today.

Laura said...

You are hilarious- I have laughed and giggled the whole time reading your blog and that's not good thing being sick right now but it sure was enjoyable. Thank you-

Terebene said...

As the weird neighbor down the street, I have to say I have enough crazy ideas without you sending yours down here. Kindly keep them in the backyard (or send them out into traffic to play)! Thanks for the alphas - they are cool.

Hummie said...

lol....and then, don't let your lists get disorganized or they will be worthless! I am using Outlook Tasks for my lists now.