Thursday, April 24, 2008


I was at the grocery tonight (turns out you actually have to take a shower, get dressed, and DRIVE to the store to get food - who knew?) and I overheard the following between a mom and her nine-ish year old daughter:

Daughter: Can I have strawberry milk? (or something like that, I just heard the plaintive begging tone to a childish voice).

Mom: (absentmindedly) Mmmm Hmmmm.

Daughter activates wheelies in tennis shoes ( how DO they do that? I would so be flat on my rear at the most inconvenient moments) and glides down 4 doors at the dairy cooler. As I pass them on my way to the bread aisle I hear:

Mom: (suddenly focused and authoritative, with just a hint of suspicion) Hunter, did you say Please???

Hunter (with single serve strawberry milk clutched tightly): ::slight pause:: Uh Huh!

Yeah, that's right. Hunter is no dummy.


J9 said...

I have just found your page and now I know I have a cyber sister out there! I use the word 'multitudinous' ALL the time! I have been quite pouty about having snow on MY deck here in Oregon as well. It's the end of APRIL for goodness sake! I would be doubly jealous if my husband were someplace tropical. sigh. So, I've enjoyed your writing so much, I plan to be a regular lurker, er, reader.
Thanks so much for putting yourself out there in scary cyberland. I too once felt such desperation. Oh, and my parents almost named me Julie, so for whatever that's

MamaB said...

Hey Julie!
I caught up on several of your posts - needed a good giggle tonight and you gave me several! Thanks! :D

Hummie said...

Now, we can hope Hunter and his mom aren't ready your blog!