Friday, May 30, 2008

I'm Cleaning my Toilet

Ok, so I lied. I'm not. I'm doing everything BUT cleaning. We're having friends over tonight and I keep thinking about how I should be getting ready and yet.... I'm not. (Good to know that I consistently procrastinate - after all, if one is going to do something, one should do it wholeheartedly, no? Trust me, I am throwing myself into this with no reservations. Ha.)

I won a prize yesterday at Hummie's. It amuses me somewhat that the lovely template I received was the result of a random number generator. As the self-anointed queen of random, that seems so very appropriate to me. And, because I was already starting the pre-procrastination, I spent a nice chunk of time scrapping with it. Thanks, Hummie & Lisa!

And now, I really am going to go clean the toilet ;)


Hummie said...

I that toilet clean yet! I can SO identify with procrastinating that and doing scrapping instead!

Miss Chris said...

We have to actually install a toilet this weekend! I think I will procrastinate on that too!

Sue said...

I laughed when I read this. Great layout --- AND you have a clean toilet!