Monday, May 5, 2008

Weekend Activities

'Twas a busy weekend at the Southern household. Friday and Saturday were dedicated to the philosophy that if you are going to live in a house, you have to take care of it (as opposed to moving out and letting the next family deal with the maintenance, LOL, not unlike picking up your tent and moving to a new tidy spot). And as neither of us is up for the dreaded task of moving, putting in new landscaping bark seemed like the better choice (promising only a couple days of physical labor as opposed to several weeks of packing, lifting, hauling, unpacking, lifting, hauling, repainting, refinishing, etc. which is nearly always an integral part of moving to a new domicile.)

On Sunday, we drove up to Fort Collins to attend Molly's "Last Concert Ever." Capital and quote emphasis coded to mean if she had to suffer through it then she really thought that all her family and loved ones should also suffer through it with her, because doggone it it was the LAST ONE EVER. It wasn't bad, really. As the last performance of the year (different from LAST CONCERT EVER) it was a presentation of various movie theme music. Apparently there was a provision (unknown to the friends and family who were obliged to attend on LCE status) for free admittance if one wore a costume. Not that any F&F would have actually undergone the humiliation of wearing a Darth Vader costume in order to avoid paying; really the greatest benefit seemed to be in getting to watch the youngsters whose folks were aware of the provision and who had tricked their progeny into sitting in a slightly uncomfortable seat for an hour and a half by the lure of wearing that Halloween costume one more time (and with the pleasant memories that Halloween conjures up in a small sugar-loving mind, you know the poor kids were doomed at the outset). As a result, we enjoyed sitting behind a young Darth Vader intent on swashbuckling with his light saber, only to be firmly sheathed by Dad; a young Indiana Jones whose leather laced hat proved to be more acceptable entertainment than a light saber and therefore spent a great deal of the last portion of the concert spinning it in various rhythms on his head; and lastly, the dainty pink unicorn with sparkly wings who became positively overcome by ennui in the latter stages of "listening" and leaning up against the back of her seat with her head, gave those of us behind her a virtual Punch and Judy performance with the stuffed unicorn head peeking and nodding over her seatback for all to enjoy (yet another concert where I find something ridiculous in my surroundings and must stifle giggles in order to maintain some sort of dignity as an adult. So embarrassing.) And I snuck a few photos, although I forgot that I don't know how to take pictures in an auditorium and they always turn out dark and useless no matter what dials I desperately turn trying to find the answer but generally worsening the results until all that remains are... well, all that remain. In an effort to remind myself to research this before the next event, I will... oh wait. THAT WAS THE LAST CONCERT EVER.

So here's to Muff, and her LCE. Love you sweetheart ;)


Anonymous said...

Hey Julie! You always leave me with something to smile about. We've got the last concert of the year coming up so I can empathize!!!! LOL You must have posted while I was picking up part 3 - great job!!!!! Thanks so much for sharing!

Anonymous said...

Ooops that last one was me!!!

Hummie said...

Okay, I confess...I only get through half a sentence of your writing style before it cracks and smile on my face!

I love see photos of your allows me to get to know you better. That does seem like a lot of work...I enjoy outdoors though.

Miss Chris said...

First, your daughter is just beautiful! Second, your gift for the written word makes my day every time. Third, your house, or rather the outside of your house, is lovely!!