Thursday, July 31, 2008

Oh yeah.

Add to the previous post - I also inherited a dwarf hamster. I have her next to my computer in my office, and she likes to pop down her tunnel to her "viewing station" and watch me. I'm pretty sure she's wondering, "what the heck has happened here?" She liked Fruit Stripe BOLD, too. I'm quite positive.

I'll have to take some pictures.

What a Week!

It was one of those weeks, last week, and I seem to be pretty slow in recovering from it. However, there aren't that many weeks where your husband quits a job, accepts a new job, your older daughter leaves for Korea for a year, you sell your car and get a new one (albeit from aforementioned world traveler, LOL). And if that wasn't enough, last night daughter number two (in birth order only, darling, we love you EXACTLY AS MUCH as your sister) needed to be moved from her second story apartment (this means stairs) to the house she will live in for Senior Year Number Two at CSU. I shouldn't complain about the stairs, because I did not use them. I spent the entire evening CLEANING. Nine thousand times this family has moved, and yet neither child can clean nor pack. Go figure. (YES, I STILL LOVE YOU BOTH).

Oh well. My hands and knees hurt today, but small price to pay, right?

On to business: I hated Fruit Stripe Summer. Ok, didn't HATE it. It was purty to look at, but I sure couldn't scrap with its pale delicate cuteness. So I took the same palette in a leetle different direction. That's a good thing for you, because all of the pieces of the first kit should work with the second, and vice versa. So, for all of you who can't scrap with pastels either, here is Fruit Stripe BOLD. Have fun!

Download Elements HERE
Download Papers HERE

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Enough with the pastels!

Time for something bold and suitable for men & boys, LOL!

Here is Cheerful Grunge - but don't worry, if you don't like too much dirty stuff, there are 5 non-grungy papers to go with the 7 that are...

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Friday, July 18, 2008

Laugh Out Loud.

more cat pictures

A little break from flowers :)

I admit it - I was getting a little tired of extracting flowers and leaves. So we took a little break and did a little more experimenting with lighter colors. Ok, so I had a color scheme in my kuler collection, and every time I go in (because yes, I am obsessed with color schemes) it would lure me. "Use me! You know you want to!"

So I did:
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Download Elements

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Just a little Drama...

I was about 5 papers into this minikit when I decided to scrap it all and start over - I wanted something Dramatic! So here it is, just a little bit over the top, but fun, I think - "Clematis."

Download HERE!

Small accomplishments

Somedays ya just have to be grateful if you get ANYTHING accomplished. This seems to be one of those days. As a result, all I really have to show for my morning is that I finally figured out how to turn off that annoying code verification in my comments. And to make the comment box pop up in a separate window. w00t!

One of my friends has accomplished significantly more than I have, however, so please be sure to stop by Dani's Delusions and check out her adorable freebie and her exciting announcement!

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Did I say that?

I told some friends that you didn't necessarily have to do frilly girly stuff with the Shabby Sherbet kit. Later, I sort of started wondering if that was really true... I don't have any boy pictures to test it with, but I think this is a fairly neutral layout. Maybe more "heritage" than "boy," but not really frilly. Am I wrong?

Download HERE.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

The sneak attack of the summer

Today was a total disaster. It was cool outside.

Anyone in their right mind is now scratching it, mentally, because the above statement makes no sense, especially coming from a delicate and wilting violet such as I. (yes, I did mull that grammar over in my mind, and made a conscious choice to stick with it because figuring out if it was correct was just too much effort, even if it IS cool outside). I am NOT a fan of summer. I'm happy being inside where it's cool and find myself avoiding going outside far more than I do in the winter time.

So. Why would a cool day be a disaster? (you ask timidly). Don't be shy. I'll be the first to admit that it makes no sense. Until you poke your head into my closet and see my jeans wadded up in the corner. Does the light dawn now?

Summer clothes totally have it in for me. And rather than the obvious choice of baring too much skin (I don't wear those, so they don't have a chance) what woman would complain? Clothes tend to be of a more relaxed silhouette, lighter fabrics, cheerful colors. Informality is a watchword. It's all good. You're comfortable and happy. Even your feet have more room to wiggle and rejoice in freedom.

And that is completely what They want you to focus upon.

Because, you see, there's an evil intent behind this apparent lax attitude - your summer clothes Want You Fat. Every elastic waistline, drawstring capri, stretchy polo shirt, and even the open sandals are wooing you to relax. Breathe deeply. Partake of that potato salad, down that extra hot dog. You know you want to. And fresh fruit is SO luscious when smothered in simple syrup and lashed upon shortcake and drowned in whipped cream. And ice cream? How can that be wrong when it's so cool and soothing and refreshing???

And then comes the cool day. Hey, you think, I'll wear my jeans! Old friends! Long time no see!

The first doubt occurs about the time you notice that skimming up over your hips isn't quite the smooth movement it was not so very long ago. In fact, it's a bit of a challenge. But you cite the recent shower and higher humidity (yes I live in a semi-arid state, let me have my little illusions) and determinedly tug a bit.

Doubt number two swoops in as you notice that the button seems further from the button hole than it has been in the past. Having conquered humidity, however, you don't allow distance to defeat you and you suck it in and assert yourself over mere button and fabric.

Doubt number three is a bit more insistent, as the zipper doesn't seem to have been intimidated by your previous victories - in fact, it is even more petulant since you forced the issue with the button, and there seems to be even more distance between those two gleaming rows of metal teeth since the button's failure to hold firm against your plans. Daunted, but by no means desperate, you push and pull until you have defeated the jeans. Victory!

But the triumph is hollow. You now find yourself in a merciless denim grip. There is no escape. You gyrate through a series of "stretching" maneuvers; after all, they are just the ticket after washing your jeans, so that is all that is needed. Stretching.

Unfortunately, stretching has already taken place, and it hasn't been your jeans that expanded. It is your girth that has adapted to the roomier wardrobe and relaxation of every sort, leaping into the void with unabandoned glee and determination.

Now you have a choice. You can leave the jeans on as a stern reminder of your state, hoping that the pressure will assert an authority equal to the lure of summer delicacies, but running the risk of squeezing so hard that you lose consciousness and consume everything within sight to regain your strength, or, you can take them off and put on something kinder and pinky swear to mend your ways in comfort.

Neither one really works, though. Until the days become shorter, the air becomes crisper, and ice cream no longer beckons an irresistible finger to your tastebuds, you're helpless.

Which is why my jeans are in a pile in the corner of my closet. In the darkest corner. Way in the back. But it's all good.

It's going to be hot tomorrow!

Friday, July 11, 2008


Here's the second installment of the Garden series. Actually, it's really the first one, but I'm kind of ambivalent about it - sometimes I think it's really pretty and then other times I think it looks kind of like the garbage can when I've cut up cantaloupe, LOL. Oh well, at least if it stinks it won't SMELL, if you know what I mean!

Download HERE

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Oops -a- "Daisy"

More experimentation going on here - I've started a series featuring various flowers in my backyard, LOL. Can you say "extraction practice?" Funny part is that this first one the flower isn't from my backyard because my daisies aren't blooming... but you get the idea!

I also figure that by the time I'm tired of these you should have a set that goes together, as each minikit is bound to have green in it...

BTW, I'd love feedback if you find things that aren't executed properly. I've checked for strays, but you know how it goes...
Download minikit HERE

Monday, July 7, 2008

On a Roll!

I've finished my July Color Challenge kit for Hummie'sWorld. I got started and it practically put itself together, LOL. Love it when that happens! Anyway, it's light and cheerful, and hopefully you can put it to good use!

Download papers HERE
Download elements HERE

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Shabby Sherbet Quick Page

Thank you for all the nice comments on Shabby Sherbet! I can see some redeeming virtue to the softer shades; they're certainly fun to play with! I used it for a layout of my daughters when they were tiny and made you a quickpage from it.Download Quickpage HERE

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Soft, Shabby, and sweet

I really love color. Most of the things I've made up to this point have been inspired by scenery, so they've featured deeper colors. The kinds of colors that I'm comfortable scrapping with, to be honest. However, we all need to break out of our box now and then and try something new, so I determined to explore the more pastel end of the spectrum. And because I have lots of pictures of little girls dressed to the nines in the frilly little dresses that their Gammy liked to make them, the result is undeniably girly ;) Here's Shabby Sherbet:

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Friday, July 4, 2008

The price of summer

Turns out that a snippet of summer, everyday life, everything that's right with the world, comes in a cup with a very small pricetag. It's good to remember the little details that make us rich :)

Yup, three little moppets on a neighborhood street corner; hawking their wares, learning cooperation and salesmanship. Of course they got a big tip from us - after all, we had curbside service!

Happy 4th everyone.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008