Friday, July 4, 2008

The price of summer

Turns out that a snippet of summer, everyday life, everything that's right with the world, comes in a cup with a very small pricetag. It's good to remember the little details that make us rich :)

Yup, three little moppets on a neighborhood street corner; hawking their wares, learning cooperation and salesmanship. Of course they got a big tip from us - after all, we had curbside service!

Happy 4th everyone.


Miss Chris said...

thanks for the reminder about the little things that can so easily go unnoticed. Happy 4th friend!

Hummie said...

What a cool graphic! I had my boys do that once....a lemonaide stand...made quiet a bit of money and then they spent it on their first Nitendo.

Anonymous said...

Fabuloud layout!!! Just love the concept.