Monday, August 25, 2008

Random, Oh So Random, Thoughts

1) DH and I drove to Utah yesterday, because he had to come here on business this week, and what sort of idiot would try to actually fly out of Denver this week? LOL. Good time to be gone, for sure. So now I sit in air conditioned comfort gazing out my hotel window at lovely mountains after eating food someone else cooked for me out of dishes someone else will wash - all this makes up for having to sleep in a ::gasp:: queen sized bed! However, for such a tiny (ha ha) bed, it was insanely comfortable, which in itself is very unusual for a hotel. Only downside is that it's supposed to be 99 degrees here today, but again, see above-referenced air conditioning comment.

2) I've been enjoying reading all about my older daughter's adventures teaching English in South Korea. While mulling it over in my mind yesterday, I came to the alarming realization that many key elements in my life lately have been Kate's leftovers. Seriously. The job I recently quit? Originally hers. My car? Hers. My hamster? Hers. Yikes! When I mentioned this to my darling husband, he quipped, "Hmmm, I've heard it said that parents try to live vicariously through their children, but that might be taking it just a little too far!" I want to establish NOW that I have no intention of going to South Korea and teaching English. NONE.

3) Speaking of DH quips, his latest amusement is to talk about what a "Hot" wife he has. Unfortunately, the punch line is "hot for ten minutes, then she's too cold, then she's hot..." Let me say right now that menopause jokes aren't that funny. Except it really was, and I laughed right out loud (no rolling on the floor however).

4) Today is Molly's first day of school, and I won't be there to make chocolate chip cookies. Sad. Yeah, sure, she's 22 years old, and it's her 5th (!) year of college, and yes, she made them herself yesterday, but still...

5) We drove by an IKEA yesterday. This fascinates me, and I hope there's time to stop when we drive back the other way. I've read about IKEA for years, with the deepest of interest (yes, and jealousy) and Denver isn't scheduled to get one for another 2-3 years. Besides, how can you not want to go to IKEA after reading IKEAGoddess' blog for so long? LOL. If I had a car today I would be sorely tempted to try to get there, although getting back to where I belong would be interesting as "direction" is not a word my brain works well with. (apologies to all English teachers for that last sentence - just trying to prove that I'm not stealing Kate's job in Korea)

6) Am I the only one who wonders what I'll watch on TV now that the olympics are over? :)


Kati said...

Not my leftovers. Just the remainder of the adventure.

Had a funny thought: Mark's running for office, and you and I are the only people who know where the button-making store is.

Hummie said...

I pray a safe travel for you! I hope your are enjoying yourself.

Yes, I wonder what is on after the Olympics...

Oh, hot flashes....women stuff....I'm sorry to read you are going through that! The jokes are not too funny.