Sunday, September 28, 2008

Not gonna say it.

Not gonna say it. Not out loud, anyway. But this photo is lovingly dedicated to my daughter Kate.

Oh look, you might say. That tree turned yellow first! None of the trees around it are yellow, isn't that interesting! And then one might muse (if wise, one will muse to oneself), "I wonder if it happens that way every year!"

One would be totally justified in thinking that, perhaps, that particular tree DOES turn yellow before every other tree in the row. Particularly if one had seen it happen, oh say, for perhaps 4 years.

But I'm not gonna say it. Nosiree.

Love you, sweetheart :)


Hummie said...

I think I remember you talking about this many moons ago.

I saw my first glimpse of fall colors yesterday on my trip to the dirt bike exciting!

DanisDelusions said...

I won't say it...but I might just laugh about it :D

Josoliviamaid said...

Julie, I wanted to email you but can't figure out how to so could you email me so I can have your email address? Mine is: Also, check my blog entry for today. I need prayer....again. lol Thanks for everything, Jeannette

Kati said...

One time Tracy and I were talking about how "every year the freshmen keep getting dumber" at college. We were juniors at the time, meaning we had witnessed two whole batches of freshmen before making this beautiful observation.

Kind of like how the one tree changes first EVERY year. <3

Vestidadelmar said...
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