Friday, January 16, 2009

Wherein Instant Gratification meets Procrastination As They Pass Each Other In The Swirling Vortex of Entropy

Ha. That's a Dickensian title with Big Bang Theory overtones. Or undertones. Or possibly, just possibly, I am crazy.

But you knew that already, so I'll move along.

It seems that life is all about procrastination these days. I'm avoiding so many things that I'm starting to procrastinate even listing them in my head (heaven forbid that such things be listed on paper!!!) Which would explain why the last blog entry was on December 28. LAST YEAR. Tsk tsk tsk. The truth is, blogging is HARD. (Whining is not, and thereby rarely put off until a more "convenient time.")

That being said, I have accomplished a few things. (And I completely had to walk away from the computer at this point and ACTUALLY ACCOMPLISH SOMETHING so as to not be a liar.)
If I weren't particularly lazy after the token achieving so recently completed I would insert a drumroll here, but hey, I can only do so many things and if I'm to scratch "update blog" off of the infernal internal procrastination list, I can't waste energy on pretend drumrolls, KWIM? (another sign of both laziness and procrastination - acronyms/keyboard shortcuts. Yes, I am too lazy to type out Know What I Mean? this time, but maybe I will next time...)

Anyway, the big item I can finally check off of my list is taking the tree down. The Christmas tree that almost became the Valentine tree :) I must say, it would have looked lovely with some deep red bows and little cupids.... but I digress (in SPITE of the extra work typing - see, I'm not always lazy!) All the decor is tucked away in the big plastic boxes and even the boxes are put away ::gasp!:: And the floor has been vacuumed and the furniture pushed back into the normal configuration.

The best part about having completed this most distasteful chore is that a) I've done "enough" for the day, LOL, and b) all the other stuff that I have pushed off because I had to take the tree down can now bubble up in the chore chart.

The mental unwritten sometimes procrastinated chore chart :)


Terebene said...

Our tree is still up! Now I feel really guilty. How dare you accomplish something?

DanisDelusions said...

Are you serious? I just took mine down this afternoon and thought I must be the only person who still had it up *LOL*

Miss Chris said...

Oh how I have missed your posts. Still waiting for that novel of yours to be published. You will autograph a copy for me right!!!

Pam aka Mom22 said...

What!? your furniture is back where it belongs?! We JUST put the tree back in its box and is now in its normal storage space. Furniture moving? Nah, not yet.
Love your blog, Julie! It just makes my day.