Sunday, March 15, 2009

More fun with boys :)

First things first. I hate my new photo, and the only reason it was there is that I got so tired of the old one. I look cranky, and I honestly wasn't cranky when I took the picture; it was only after I SAW it that I got crabby (and as this was the best of, oh, about 9 photos, the sour attitude was exponential, lol). Oh well. I need a haircut, so if and when I accomplish that maybe I'll grit my teeth and try some more photos. In the meantime I'll watch America's next top model and see if I can pick up any pointers on looking fabulous in a picture (rather than the inverse, which I feel I have already perfected).

I have some more adorable layouts to show you using Boy@Play:(Scrapped by Miss Chris)

(Scrapped by Dani)

(Scrapped by Candy)

(Scrapped by Miss Chris)

(Scrapped by Dawn)

(Scrapped by Candy)

I kinda think these are awfully cute, considering we're working with dirt, here!


Annette said...

Julie, I like the new photo, but I'm a little disappointed that there's no blue hair! ;)

Anne of Alamo said...

wow! your CT did awesome with your kit!
and I kinda liked the old cranky picture...ha ha
although you look alot younger in this one...
I'll send you a blogashere of California sunshine...but remember our state is broke, you have to pay for it...
mwaha ha