Saturday, April 11, 2009

Beautiful Colorado

Some of my favorite pictures to scrap are landscape and nature photos. Having grown up in Montana, I'm no stranger to natural beauty, but I have to say that Colorado is even better, due to the extreme range of colors and textures and the variety of landscapes. These photos were taken at Roxborough State Park, just a few miles away from us. Amazing rock formations and colors, and the added drama of the mercurial spring clouds make artistic and vivid layouts, and an opportunity for wonderful memories of a family day out .

I used my Canyon Page Kit to scrap these, as well as a lovely template from Annette Wood for the top layout, and one from Lindsay Jane Designs for the second page.


Barbara said...

These layouts are gorgeous. Colorado is indeed beautiful. I lived in the Denver area for 6 years and frequently visited the mountains there.

Kate-uhh said...

I think in order for it to be a memory of a family day out that you should Photoshop you and me into the picture. :D

Shanners said...

both LOs are beautiful. I LOVE Colorado!!! :)

Annette said...

Love the LO's they are gorgeous! Thanks for using my template! =)