Tuesday, June 2, 2009

More Rain.

Yeah, more rain, and my solar batteries were already run down. However, silver linings and all that, so I tried to stay positive and focus on good things. So it was with a great deal of amusement that I watched a young mom and her two small children walk from the parking lot to the hobby store - both tots carrying open umbrellas with glee.

I remember that gleeful feeling myself. The need for an umbrella was a rarity in my northern Montana childhood - not that rain was so rare, necessarily, but liquid precipitation that wasn't driven by gale force umbrella-inverting winds was kind of elusive. So my eight year old self getting to walk outside with my blue-grey paisley umbrella that matched my blue-grey raincoat was quite a thrill. And to be honest, it's a thrill that I still feel every time I'm under a canopy of silk with the patter of raindrops beating a gentle cadence over my head. ::sigh:: Oh the romance!

All of these thoughts flitted through my mind as I drove past; the little boy especially made me smile with his bright yellow SpongeBob parasol, perched at an inefficient but adorable angle allowing him to focus more on it than his trajectory. I was amused all the way to the edge of the parking lot, when it suddenly occurred to me that if I were to unfurl my own umbrella, it would probably entertain a lot more people than some middle aged woman in a green Honda Element.

Y'know, what with it being a giant LADYBUG, and all...


Kate-uhh said...

Damn straight it's a ladybug! Woo hoo!

Susan Lamb said...

I stop by everyday, Julie, to see if you've posted anything. I enjoy your mini-essays, especially today's. One doesn't often read blogs that include elusive, cadence, parasol, trajectory, unfurl. These gems are reminiscent of Erma Bombeck in their focusing on the everyday, but not mundane moments in our lives.

A Tale of Woe had me crashing on the floor because I am in your shoes that same way. Keep the good words coming, Julie. Thank you so much for these day-brighteners!!

Shanners said...

Ha ha, Julie! A ladybug - of course! Mine's an Elvis Presley umbrella. :)