Sunday, June 7, 2009

A little mental. Very little.

A watched blog never boils.

Yeah, I know, I'm mixing metaphors and twisting things with that statement, but it's true. Just visiting your blog does not make words appear. It doesn't even make inspiration strike :) I know this, because I've tried really hard for the last couple of days, to no avail.

I made a couple of valiant efforts. Most of them turned out to posess the same level of success that the bird who tried to fly through my picture window this morning experienced. With about the same level of grammatical correctness as the previous sentence. Which I am not sufficiently motivated to analyze, let alone correct. (Sorry Mrs. Myhre, you haunt me still, but I've grown more stubborn as the years progress...)

So I guess the real question is, can one be inspired by a lack of inspiration? If one is in a suitably silly mood, does it matter if there's a reason for the silly, or does the presence of silliness in and of itself preempt the need for motivation? And how long CAN one ramble on about absolutely nothing at all?

For at least a couple of paragraphs, evidently ;) Any more than that would require an extra cup of coffee, and I'm not sure my nervous system is up to the task.

In other news, a happy birthday to my younger daughter, Molly Joy, who has now aged to the point to make her mother extremely nervous about cumulative numbers altogether, particularly in reference to the ones that appear in my age column. I'm starting to experience a teensy bit of the angst that inspired my mother to just stick with 39 for several years (insert shout out here to Denial and Rivers in Egypt and all that sort of thing). I guess it's apt punishment for my lack of sympathy for her feelings when I was the child. You just don't know what's in store for you :)

We went to se UP last night with aforementioned birthday child. Sweet, funny, inspiring, and most importantly... 3D! I will confess that I would have actually paid real money for a picture of the audience staring raptly at the screen in their big black Drew Carey 3D glasses. Not a lot of real money, admittedly, but I'm faintly intrigued by the idea of the diversity of the group, yet the visible talisman of the shared experience...

Yeah, ok, I guess I'd better go get that extra cup of coffee...


Miss Chris said...

Maybe you posting on our blog will inspire me to post on mine....Doubt it, but worth the thought. PS. I loved UP too!

Anne of Alamo said...

who needs inspiration...?? it is so over rated...just babble, gets me thru tons of blogging....ha ha

Shanners said...

Happy Birthday, Molly! I can't wait to go see UP. And I LOVE pics of people in 3D glasses! Recently posted one on my blog, actually. :)