Monday, August 31, 2009

Make a wish!

We thought it might be fun at Plain Digital Wrapper to indulge in a little late summer celebration we like to call "I Wish." It's going to be fun for everyone (hello, SHOPPING!) and wish fulfillment will be happening all over the place!

Here's the scoop from Fairy Godmother Annette:

Wow! There's some gorgeous stuff in the PDW shop I wish I knew a magic genie who could grant my wish for a PDW kit!

Just my magic genies. In that case I'm going to play Fairy Godmother watch this thread for details! Bippity Boppity Boo......

((Hint: you will want to make sure you're here all week. The fun starts Monday.))

Here are the rules:
1. Check out the forum each day to find out who the sponsoring designers are.
2. Run over to the shoppe and check out all their goodies.
3. Head back to the forum and show me what you just can't live without.
4. Keep your fingers crossed and hope that this fairy godmother grants your wish.

And today I'm one of the Sponsoring Designers, so here are some of my latest items you can choose:

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