Saturday, October 31, 2009

Trick or Treat!

We've had snow three times in October. Once is pretty common; I think three is pushing the bounds of decency :) This last one was a doozy, in fact it actually pushed this family to acquire a snowblower (of course my husband was out of town - it's a skill of his ). It did remind me of the many occasions in my children's lives where Halloween was a winter event, rather than fall. We had to contend with winter coats and mittens and boots many times. One year, when we lived in Minnesota, it snowed 36 inches on Halloween and my husband took the girls trick-or-treating on their sled. I don't have pix from that year, either, coincidentally, LOL. However, I figured all of those events should be memorialized somehow, so I put together a winter halloween kit, Frosty Pumpkin. And since it IS Trick or Treat tonight, I figured I'd share.

You can download Frosty Pumpkin HERE. Happy Halloween!