Monday, March 30, 2009

Blog Week ends with a Bang!

We've had a lot of fun working on our blogs this week at Plain Digital Wrapper, hope you've played along with us! And as a last celebration, we've put together a little blog train of goodies for you. Be sure and check in with everyone!
And here's my freebie:

Download HERE

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

It's going to be a Bloggerific Week at PDW!

It's blog week at PDW!

Here's the skinny:

  1. Go to your blog (or create a blog)
  2. Fix it up so it is beautiful, creative, and something you like You may use any products to do this.
  3. If you need help, ask in our questions and answer section of the Blog Week.
  4. When you are done, come post a link to your blog in the forum.
  5. You must pick ONE of the areas to post your link in, not all three
  6. Our CT will be visiting your blog, and a winner will be picked in each category.
  7. The winner will have a $10. gift card for the store sent to them.

I redecorated my blog with some beautifully spiffy new blogwear, created for me by Courtney Wilson using my Abigail page kit. Let me tell you, Abby has never looked so good! Thank you Courtney! There are several other backgrounds that come with the blogwear, and you can purchase it in PDW's store, it's even on sale! There are several other smashing blogkits if you want something not so girly :D And keep watching, we'll all be showing off our spiffy blogspots with freebies as the week progresses. Annette already has an awesome template available for you HERE at her blog!

I also have the final kit in the "Boy @ Play" series in my store:

I'm loving the way it turned out!

(Layout by Creations By Jamie)
And here's a little quickpage for you!
Download HERE. (not a 4shared link)

Thursday, March 19, 2009

More Boys, More Play, and a Freebie!

Lot more goodies for scrapping moms with boys! Boys@Play 2 is on sale in my store for $4.00 this week, and everything included blends well with the first Boys@Play kit. This one is on the brighter end of the spectrum:
(Layout by Miss Chris)

(Layout by Jamie's Creations)

And lastly this one of my poor puppy dog, hoping for a treat:I also had a request for a frog to keep the lizard and turtle company, so here's a little taste for you :)

(sorry, download has expired)

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Monday, March 16, 2009

Why yes, Yes that IS a new photo!

I wasn't lying. I really didn't care so much for the last one, even if it was the best of its pathetic bunch. This is no winner either, but at least it looks like what I think I see in the mirror every day. Ok, it IS what I see in the mirror, because I took it pointing at the mirror, and hopefully I've gotten rid of the dreadful streaks on the glass that I also see (ok, ignore)...

Sunday, March 15, 2009

More fun with boys :)

First things first. I hate my new photo, and the only reason it was there is that I got so tired of the old one. I look cranky, and I honestly wasn't cranky when I took the picture; it was only after I SAW it that I got crabby (and as this was the best of, oh, about 9 photos, the sour attitude was exponential, lol). Oh well. I need a haircut, so if and when I accomplish that maybe I'll grit my teeth and try some more photos. In the meantime I'll watch America's next top model and see if I can pick up any pointers on looking fabulous in a picture (rather than the inverse, which I feel I have already perfected).

I have some more adorable layouts to show you using Boy@Play:(Scrapped by Miss Chris)

(Scrapped by Dani)

(Scrapped by Candy)

(Scrapped by Miss Chris)

(Scrapped by Dawn)

(Scrapped by Candy)

I kinda think these are awfully cute, considering we're working with dirt, here!

Friday, March 13, 2009


Still in a blogging slump. I think part of it is the late winter blahs, and the rest of it is my precarious perch on the cusp of a new decade, LOL. I know they're just numbers, but this one is just a teensy bit hard to swallow. I have a much better understanding of my mother's eternal embracement of a stationary number for her age :) Even tho I passed her lo these many years ago!

I hear a lot about how there are never enough "boy" kits... too many ribbons and flowers and pretties to scrap with and not enough rough and ready guy things. So I chose some of my favorite guy colors from my husband's closet, and put this rough and ready collection together:

I love what Dani has done with it:

And I will admit to finding it more fun to scrap with than I anticipated (sorry, LOL):
And as you can see, it doesn't necessarily need to be confined to little boys and their messes - it's good for big boy things, too! It will be on sale for $4.00 at Plain Digital Wrapper until next week :)

And just to get you inspired to scrap, here's a little alpha that coordinates with Boy@Play (even though it sounds more like the boy got in trouble, LOL!):

You can download it HERE (not a 4shared link)