Saturday, December 18, 2010

The final countdown

I'm actually quite ridiculously proud of myself this year.  Have I accomplished great and wonderful feats of superhuman strength and genius?  Um, no.  My source of pride is a bit on the pathetic side - this is the first holiday season in ages where I'm actually keeping up, LOL.  It's so much better than feeling desperately behind that it feels like victory, and I'll take it!

One last little Christmas goodie and a charming little element pack are newly released this week in my Digichick store.

 And a darling little example from Lori:

I also have my three fullsized Christmas kits on sale through the end of the year at 50% off, and the vintage set is still available as a bundle at 50% off too.  I'm rather proud of myself for actually scrapping a Christmas card this year and I used the vintage Christmas Wishes:

There's even a coordinating letter -

I hope this finds all of you enjoying the holiday season!

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Vintage wrap-up

The final two installments of my vintage Christmas postcard-inspired series "Christmas Wish" are in the store!  "Glow" is rich and elegant with gleaming gold and glowing colors, and "Cheer" is a little folksy and cheerful.  I've also released a bundle containing all four minikits for a special price, but it's only available until the new year.

And some pretties from my "elf squad" :)

Layout by Kim
Layout by MamaB
 Layout by Kim

 Layout by MamaB

 Layouts by Lori

Layout by Jennifer (who will be forgiven for taking a marvelous trip to Mexico because she promptly scrapped one of the photos!)

And lastly, this clever layout from Kim that uses all four kits!

Don't forget that the December DigiChick Grab Bag will only be available for one more week - it's chock full of wonderful goodies!  And my new releases will be on sale 20% off through Friday!

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Let's go vintage!

Last summer when I was visiting in Montana, I found a stack of vintage postcards at an antique mall.  Quite a few of them were actually Christmas postcards (a concept that fascinates me in and of itself) and I was intrigued by some of the interesting designs and color combinations.  I was going through them the other day trying to figure out what I wanted to do with them, and it occurred to me that it might be fun to make a nice sized mini kit based on the colors of each card.  And this week marks the release of the first two "Christmas Wishes" - Frost, a blue and brown beauty, and Santa, a right jolly old elf in traditional Christmas colors:

 And some inspiration from my team :)

 ok, these were mine - felt good to scrap!

Layout by MamaB
Layout by Kim

Both kits are on sale through Friday at 20% off  :)  

I also participated in the DigiChick December grab bag:

 This bag is chock full of fun things - everything from alphas to templates to papers to elements and two minikits!  It's an awesome deal at $10 (a $55 value if purchased separately) so be sure and take a look!  Here's my part:

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!

It's a lovely day in Colorado - a little cold, but sunny and cheerful :)  The turkey is in the oven, things are starting to smell marvelous, and I shared the turkey liver with the dog so we are both very happy and all the liver haters in the household are relieved, LOL.

Even though it is a holiday, there are still new releases at The Digichick today!  We've all worked hard in the last few days to present you with some wonderful goodies to peruse as your turkey and pie settle and you fight off that nap! And since we're all gearing up for shopping this weekend (even though I hope to do mine online and avoid the mall COMPLETELY tomorrow) it seemed like a good idea to have a sale, too.  So a little while ago I went in and marked everything in my store down by 35%.  It will be that way at least through Saturday, so you can fit some digi shopping in with your Christmas goodies :)

And I have another new Christmas kit for you to play with - it's brand new!  Full of rich elegance, it's "Christmas in the Parlor."  A little formal, a little stately, very beautiful, with a few homey touches.

And a few layouts from my talented crew:
 Layout by Dani

 Layout by Kim

Layout by LynnIrene from the TDC CT

Layout by Lori
 Layout by Jennifer

 Layout by MamaB

Layout by Lori

Don't forget, Christmas in the Parlor and all my other goodies will be on sale through Saturday!  And have a wonderful and blessed Thanksgiving Day!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Flying time!

As in, time flies :)  I can't believe we're only a week away from Thanksgiving and that it's time to begin Christmas planning (I AM going to make my cards this year if it... well, I'd better leave it there, LOL).  I will readily confess that I had a hard time wrapping my head around Christmas designs, so I've reworked, retooled, and revamped two kits that I had in my PDW store for re-release.  It was like hanging out with old friends and having a spa day - hope you like our makeovers, LOL!

First up is Fireside Christmas.  When I picked this color palette, I had the name Library in mind, and I think that's reflected in the rich colors and textures.  I love the touches of gold in amongst the plaid, almost as though it's reflecting the firelight, and the counterpoint of the antique paper sets a nice contrast.

And some lovely examples from my wonderful Creative Team:

Layouts by Sondra

Layout by Kim

Layout by Jennifer

Last, Joana, one of the uber talented Hybrid Chicks made an ornament with Geeky Diva Design's template:

So cool!  Makes me want to brave the scissors and paste and make one myself :)

The second "new" old kit is Razzle Dazzle Reindeer - hardly a traditional Christmas palette, but sometimes you have photos with pink coats or purple dresses to work with and you need something to tie it all together, LOL.  Not to mention the fact that it's just plain fun and sparkly...

And from the team:
 Layout by TDC's Joana

 Layout by Sondra

 Layout by Kim

Both kits will be on sale at The DigiChick for 20% off through Friday!