Monday, February 22, 2010

Monday morning time wasting in the very best possible way :)

I have a new toy. My dear husband graciously allowed me to pummel him into agreeing to a Photoshop upgrade and oh my. I feel like I just went from a VW to a Benz. So I spent a bit of time this morning playing and trying to get the seat adjusted, LOL. (Plus it has been snowing all morning, so why not do something fun?)

I might add that the new toy totally lets me use all those wonderful photo actions available out there on the web, which is a whole new world unto itself! This little snapshot from the sliding glass door this morning has some Monday morning glam applied courtesy of Coffee Shop Photography and chewed up the better part of a couple hours of OOoohing and AAaaahhhing ;)


unruly said...

Happy for you that you have your new toy....enjoy....Cindi

Shanners said...

Awesome photo, Julie. Have fun playing. :)

Anne of Alamo said...

aw fart...I want it I want it!
throws myself on ground and kicks