Wednesday, February 3, 2010

A new challenge for you :)

As some of you may know, I'm hosting a new challenge at Plain Digital Wrapper called "Talk to Me." We're working on developing our journaling skills, which is admittedly funny considering my general lack of enthusiasm for journaling, LOL I just posted the February challenge where we will examine the emotions our photos evoke and practice communicating the reasons in our layouts. Come join in the fun!

Here's the layout I did as an example:

I hate to admit it, but this was another one of those "windshield photos" - I was driving along and everything was just so beautifully pristine with the fresh dusting of snow. I had to crop a little bit but I think it still turned out pretty.

In a general sense, life is plugging along pretty well. The only ripple in my pond was yesterday's "jury duty" excursion, but it turned out to be pretty benign. Boring and cold, but in the long run I think that's better than the potential of being sequestered and threatened, LOL. Like anything would ever happen in Douglas County Colorado that would require sequestration (is that even a word?) It did remind me of my past jury duty experiences though. I'm going to have to search my computers and see if I can find the silly story I wrote about Julie the Alternate Juror...


Linda Walton aka bobbysgirlforever said...

LOL! SO nice to know that I am not the only one that snaps photos through the windshield! Back in 2004, Robert and I moved his sister from Arizona to Tennessee. Robert drove the U-Haul and I their nice Dodge Ram truck with a furbaby as passenger. SO here I am on unknown roads, driving an unfamiliar vehicle and snapping photos like crazy through the windshield to help preserve this wonderful cross-country trip!

Thank you for stopping by sweetie and for the SWEET comment!

Sounds like a LOVELY challenge and I shall surely LOVE to read your story about Julie the Alternate Juror! I've yet to be one! LOL!

Have a BEAUTIFUL day Ms. Julie!

Hugs ...

Anonymous said...

good, i just added up lots of bran-new emo backgrounds 4 my blog

Elaine said...

Julie, I feel the same way about journaling as you do but I like when it is subtle like you did here.