Monday, February 15, 2010

Something relevant

I had something to say this morning; I thought of it while I was in the shower. Unfortunately, by the time I got dried off and pried into my clothes, the wisp of thought had vanished into the atmosphere. So if you will bear with me, I'll riff a bit and see if I can get there...

1) I made it a couple of kits without glitter... that's quite an achievement for me. After all, I determine whether I like a shampoo or not more or less by the degree of sparkliness. I almost didn't use Olay body ribbons AT ALL because I was so disappointed when I squeezed a bit into my palm and it looked like curdled frosting instead of all pearly and alluring...

2) It's interesting to me how heartily I whined last August when both daughters moved home. This weekend the little one is off visiting friends in Seattle AND IT'S TOO QUIET IN THE HOUSE. Sheesh. Take off points for consistency. Take off more points for not fixing food she hates while she's gone.

3) The dog misses the little one more than I do, seeing as how she has adopted the habit of letting him sleep in her room at night. He has gotten a bit confused and now thinks her room is his kennel. He must be getting a bit nearsighted, as his kennel is actually quite a bit tidier.

4)I cleaned a spot on my desk. I realize this isn't as good as cleaning my whole office, but at least it was the area that had bills in it.

5) All the Valentine's cheesecake is gone. I'm blaming that sad fact for my loss of memory in the shower this morning.

6) I had some introspective thoughts this weekend, but they seem to have disappeared in the shower this morning as well. It lends credence to my supposition that one can shower too often. Especially when one had to get up too early AGAIN. Plus it's cold and dry (in Colorado! Imagine!) and my back itches something fierce due to dry skin.

7) Hmmm. I ordered a book from Amazon which will supposedly help me figure out how to use my camera. After all, I've had it for ten and a half months. Probably about time to learn how to do more than just push the button.

Ok, I give up, I don't remember, and none of this matches the title of this post, because it isn't terribly relevant, but at least I won't forget any of it because now it's written down!


Christie said...

I looove glitter too :) Oh, and I also live in Colorado :)

Elaine said...

It's Ok Julie, just wait until you remember so you can forget it again..LOL. It is just a sign of a very creative and brilliant mind.

I think we can all relate and you make me realize how alike we all are. Thank you for that.

Molly Joy said...

BAH HA HA you miss me. All a part of my evil plan >:)

Shanners said...

Happy Friday! And I'll forgive you if you bring back the glitter :)