Friday, August 13, 2010

Urban Sunset Collab with Dani's Delusions!

When I saw the photo that my friend Dani (of Dani's Delusions) posted on Facebook of her new comforter set, I remember thinking, "Hey, that would make a great color palette for a scrapkit!"  LOL, just a few hours later she wanted to know if I wanted to do a collab with her and she had the perfect palette...  and the rest is history :)

Urban Sunset Page Kit

(Layout by Shannon)

(Layout by Candy)

(Layout by Jennifer)

(Layout by the OTHER Jennifer, LOL)

(Layout by Kiana - I'll never tell your daughter I posted it on my blog, LOL)

(Layout by Lori)

and a couple from me ...

Whew!  Last of all (if you made it through all of that, LOL) I made a little freebie to go along with the kit.  (Rumor has it that Dani made a snazzy alpha to go along as well, so be sure to keep checking her blog too!)

Download freebie HERE.

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