Thursday, September 30, 2010

A scrapping tip :)

Patterned papers.  I love to look at them, but wow do they mess with my journaling (because I do journal.  Sometimes.  Honest!).  I've more or less relied on tags or a piece of solid paper "pasted" in my journal spot, but sometimes this works, and sometimes I just don't really care for the effect :(  So when I read a cute tale on Sir Scrapalot's blog about overcoming this problem by gently eroding the patterned paper to allow for journaling, I thought it was an inspired idea!

This was all fresh in my mind when I began work on Bohemian Fall, which has some vividly patterned papers.  So in order to help the scrapper, I created solid papers with the same texture as each patterned paper.  All you need to do is slip the plain paper behind the patterned one, and with a large soft eraser brush (set at a low opacity) remove a bit of the patterned areas until it's light enough to no longer interfere with your journaling.  Then just merge the two layers together and you're ready to write!

Here's a layout I did using this technique:

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Danielle said...

OK, not only is that a great tip and a gorgeous LO but WOW! that's a BIG guinea pig!