Thursday, March 31, 2011

Tales of Romance

My daughter got engaged on New Year's and because her father had gotten her a remote shutter control for her camera, we're lucky enough to have some photos of the event.  Some.  Like, over a hundred, LOL.  So I've been thinking about what sort of kit I wanted to scrap them with - it was an interesting color palette with the wintry outdoor colors.  She also took several photos of a swan in the area, and the amalgamation of all that inspiration led to Le Cygnet:

And inspiration:
 Layout by Tracy (TDC Team)

 Layout by Michelle (TDC Team)

Layout by Sondra
 Layout by Kim

Layout by Jeri

You can catch Le Cygnet on sale (20% off) at the DigiChick through Friday!  And stay tuned - tomorrow the Blog Train goes live, and I have another announcement as well :)

April Blog Train "Pirates Not Allowed"

Hi there, Blog Train riders!  Welcome to Sherwood Studio's stop!  You came here from Connie Prince Designs and your next stop is My 4 Princesses Designs.  Hope you're enjoying the ride!

Here's my contribution to Pirates Not Allowed.  Click on the preview to download, and enjoy!

April Blog Train Freebie

If you get lost, head over to the Blog Train Blog for the complete list :)

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Spring in the Rockies

There's just something so cheerful about the first signs of spring!  It's good to see that yes, indeed, things really are going to come back to life after the dormancy of winter.  We've had a very mild and dry winter but I'm still happy to see some green here and there in the back yard.  Unfortunately spring also means a lot of wind - one of my CT members who lives just a bit northwest of me wanted to know when the Rocky Mountain Spring Wind kit was coming out...  Not this time - Rocky Mountain Spring is a wind-free kit, and it's available now at The Digichick :)

It was a short week for my team (that's a nice way of saying I was very very late, LOL) but I still have some lovely examples for you:
 Layout by Anne (of Alamo fame)

 Layout by Jeri

 Layout by Jennifer

Layout by Kim

Rocky Mountain Spring has oodles of great papers and some fun springy elements.  And there are two of my special Underlayers (I'm sorry, I can't bring myself to call them splats) as well.  Because I'm obsessed with them, of course :D  Stop by DigiChick while it's on sale!

Saturday, March 19, 2011

A special birthday sale :)

(Here's a little secret - the sign says tomorrow only, but I have obligations this evening so I've actually set the sales prices now :) )

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Happy Birthday to Meeeeee!

OK, it's not quite my birthday, although Sunday looms large enough (I wish birthdays were as attractive as they were when I was eight!).  Nevermind, my talented digi-friend Kim (of Kimeric's Kreations) and I have whipped up a birthday scrapping confection that will delight you and provide lots of goodies for scrapping your birthday boy or girl.  Or cat!

 Cute, isn't it?  And look how cute it is in these great layouts:

 Layout by Ve (TDC team)
 Layout by the one and only Anne of Alamo ;)

 Layout by Pamie (TDC Team)
Layout by Lori
 Layout by Jennifer

Layout by me :)
Layout by Jeri

 Layouts by Kim

Layout by Sondra

Drop by the Digichick and pick it up through Friday for 20% off!

Before I forget (again) I made a sparkly fun underlayer (or splat, or whatever you would like to call them) for St. Paddy's day for you.  Click on the photo for your download and let me know what you think!  These are my new favorite elements because they look great under a photo or a cluster or just to provide some softness and varying texture on your papers (there are three of 'em in Wish Big!)

Download HERE.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

A hint of Spring

It's the time of year when I want to put away all my dark winter clothes and wear something pastel and cheerful.  It's a funny thing, we haven't had a bad winter at all, but I still yearn for the cheerful side of the color wheel.  Apparently Momma Nature is feeling a bit the same way, because the somber colors of winter earth are gradually yielding hints of color.  OK, not at my house because I've killed all the plants, LOL, but I'm sure in the rest of the world where people remember to water things that bits of green and pink will soon emerge.  I will just have to content myself with working it all out in a scrap kit ;)

I'm not going to lie, I love this color palette with a passion, and I'm pretty pleased with the result.  Look at the beautiful examples my CT have created:

Layout by Jeri

Layout by MamaB

Layout by Sondra

Layout by Pamie (TDC CT)

Layout by Jennifer (TDC CT)

Layout by Jennifer (Jemy)

Layout by Kim

Awakening will be on sale for 20% off Thursday and Friday.  Hope you can find some spring where you are, and happy scrapping!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

A touch of Irish Camaradarie - At the Pub

Recently my family and I had dinner at a local Irish Pub that we're fond of.  It's a warm and welcoming place with good food and we always have a good time.  It occurred to me this last time that it would be fun to try to evoke that same atmosphere in a scrap kit, and At the Pub is the result.

 I just love the warm, rich colors and textures!

And because my team is psychic as well as talented, they seemed to know just the right way to scrap with it, too!

 Layouts by Kim

 Layout by Anne, who is guesting at TDC this month!

 Layout by Jennifer

 Layouts by Lori
Layout by MamaB

 Layout by Pamie (TDC)

Layout by Sondra

After all was packaged up and released to the various and sundry teams, I had the bright idea there should be an alpha.  Sorry 'bout that, girls!  My blog readers are the beneficiary of my indecisiveness, though, because you can download it HERE!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Scissors and glitter and glue, Oh My!

Anytime that I take it into my head to do something crafty, it is time for concern and apprehension.  As I grow older I may be getting wiser, but it isn't enhancing my cutting and pasting skillz, if you know what I mean :)  So when Mari Koeglenberg created a cutting file for the spiral roses everyone is so excited about (and which I tried to make and failed pretty darn spectacularly if I do say so myself), I was intrigued.  When I watched the tutorial she made she made it look like a third grader could do it, so I figured I had a chance :)

I have a habit of picking up cute photo frames at Target when they're on major clearance, so I have a stack of them waiting for photos.  Some of them have been waiting for photos for a VERY long time, and they sit there accusingly in my office and glare at me when I'm not looking.  So I grabbed one of these, and Mari's template, printed some out, and lookie! I did it!

Admittedly, I had glitter everywhere and stuck my fingers together with the glue, but I'm still pretty pleased with my project!  If you want to check out the inspiration for yourself, I found it all in this article by Nicole at The Hybrid Chick.