Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Scissors and glitter and glue, Oh My!

Anytime that I take it into my head to do something crafty, it is time for concern and apprehension.  As I grow older I may be getting wiser, but it isn't enhancing my cutting and pasting skillz, if you know what I mean :)  So when Mari Koeglenberg created a cutting file for the spiral roses everyone is so excited about (and which I tried to make and failed pretty darn spectacularly if I do say so myself), I was intrigued.  When I watched the tutorial she made she made it look like a third grader could do it, so I figured I had a chance :)

I have a habit of picking up cute photo frames at Target when they're on major clearance, so I have a stack of them waiting for photos.  Some of them have been waiting for photos for a VERY long time, and they sit there accusingly in my office and glare at me when I'm not looking.  So I grabbed one of these, and Mari's template, printed some out, and lookie! I did it!

Admittedly, I had glitter everywhere and stuck my fingers together with the glue, but I'm still pretty pleased with my project!  If you want to check out the inspiration for yourself, I found it all in this article by Nicole at The Hybrid Chick.


Judy Goodnight said...

Very pretty!

Susan said...

I noticed your pic in the PDW gallery -- just lovely.