Friday, July 22, 2011

If at first you do not succeed, try, try again...

So much for my good intentions of getting caught up yesterday - dunno why, but all of the sudden I couldn't get a picture to upload for love nor money.  And what good is a new product announcement if you can't see the product?  LOL!  It's a good thing I did the freebie first, right?

So we will try it again today.

This week's new release at The DigiChick is An Afternoon at the Park.  It's full of lovely greens with soft bits of turquoise and peachy-orange and crisp white touches:

 Layout by Jeri

  Layout by TDC's Corrine

  Layout by Sondra

  Layout by Kim

  Layout by Pamie

  Layout by DJ

 Layout by Jennifer

An Afternoon in the Park is still on sale today at the introductory 20% sale price in spite of Blogger's best efforts to cheat you, LOL!  And watch for a very special add-on coming next week!

I also missed announcing last week's pretty kit - I happened to see a beautiful photo of a morning glory vine, and I LOVE morning glories and the beautiful varieties of blues and purples:

And since I missed it, I created a coupon that will give you 20% off through the weekend!  Just use the code MorningGlory20 (you need to be signed in for it to work) for 20% off your purchase :)  Enjoy, and happy scrapping!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Playing Catch. Catch UP, that is!

I wonder what it is about summer that makes me lose my already tenuous hold on focus and structure, LOL.  I guess it's because it's traditionally a relaxed time with kids out of schools and scheduling taking something of a back seat to a more leisurely paced lifestyle.

Or maybe it's just hot and icky and no one wants to do anything ;)  I know I'm writing this from my air conditioned office, but I know in my head that it's hot out and I hate being too hot, so all I can think of is that I can't do anything outside.  Wouldn't you think it would just make me focus on all the cool inside stuff I could be doing?  Um, no.  Apparently I have the mind of a three-year-old!

However undisciplined my blogging mind may be, my design mind is in a happy place, so there's lots to share!  First up is a fun pack of baker's twine elements.  I love the dual colored strands and the cute touch they add.  These may be used commercially as well.

I made a sample for you to download and play with - you can download it HERE!

I'll be back to show you this week's new release a bit later - Blogger no longer wishes to cooperate with me, LOL!