Thursday, August 25, 2011

Big Sale! More for the Boys! Retiring Products!

OK, that ought to use up my quota of exclamation marks for the day :)  But seriously!  So much good stuff!  LOL.

First up the really important news... it's quarterly sale time at The DigiChick!  Everything is on sale, 30% off through Sunday!  If you have stuff on your wish list now's the time :)  (see how I didn't use an exclamation point there?)

Next up - another boy kit is on the shelves.  I really had so much fun creating Geometric Boy that I decided to continue the theme with a blue/green color palette to compliment the orange and red of the first one:

As you can see, even more fun patterns and textures with lots of fun neutral elements that are ideal for scrapping guys (no flowers! although I admit that the stacked gridpaper stars veer dangerously close to a flower but we'll keep that a secret amongst us girls ;)

Some fun examples from my team:

 Layout by LaShawn (TDC)

 Layout by Jennifer (TDC)

 Layout by Candy

 Layout by Jennifer

 Layout by Kim

 Layout by Candy

Layout by Candy (this girl is showing us all up with her scrapping accomplishments this week - wtg, Candy!)

Layout by Pamie

Last, but definitely not least, this morning I moved 21 products into the "retiring soon" category.  Then I chopped their prices in half.  Best part of this scenario?  I left the 30% sale category on them, too - so for the rest of the weekend you can get some spectacular bargains! (see, I saved one last exclamation mark for that, because it's important)  It's sad to say goodbye to my lovelies, but it's time :)  Take a look, Nikki Epperson has some pretty cool stuff in the category too, including a bunch of awesome templates (I couldn't resist, I stocked up because her templates ROCK).

So.  To sum up.  Go to the DigiChick.  Save lots of money.  Get cool stuff :)  Happy scrapping!

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Angela said...

Hello. I love your work. I came over the August Blog Train and fell in love with this kit and the coffee kits below it and the boy kit below that. I've just filled up my first cart at the digichick with your stuff!