Thursday, August 18, 2011

Give me the coffee, and no one gets hurt.

Sometimes, it's just one of those days.  And one of those days can often be made bearable by multiple instances of caffeine, if you get my drift.  It was that sort of week for me, so I'm celebrating it with Coffee Kits, LOL!

First is a Starbucks tribute, Veni Vidi Venti.  My younger child (who ironically does not drink coffee in it's purest and most delightful form, i.e. black) has something of an overpowering Starbucks attraction.  My "scrap this" folder is littered with all sorts of photos of Starbucks cups at the beginning of important trips, bad days, celebrations, Cellphone photos, DSLR photos, studio photos, car photos... you name it.  I figured I needed to get some of those recorded!

I kinda love the way it turned out, and I actually have plans to use that alpha for a lot of other things, too!  Then, after I turned this in to my Creative Team, about half of them mentioned that they were really Dunkin' Donut coffee drinkers.  And because I was fully committed to coffee at this time (and I drink Dunkin' homebrew) CoffeeTime appeared:

I have to hand it to DD, they have a really fun vibrant color scheme (that I would normally NEVER design with, LOL).  Figured I might as well do a fun coordinating alpha with this one, too and spread the bright and happy around thoroughly...

With all that caffeine flowing, it's no surprise that the layouts are quite fabulous ;)

 Layout by LaShawn (TDC)

 Layout by Anne (TDC)

 Mine... 1 down, 349 to go ;)

 Layout by Dani

 Layout by Lori

 Layout by Pamie

 Layout by Jennifer

 Layout by Kim

 Layout by Jeri

 Layout by Jan (TDC)

 Layout by LaShawn (TDC)

Layout by Jan (TDC)

And there you have it, longest blog post ever, LOL!  Coffee Goodness is all on sale through Friday in my DigiChick shop  (If you really like coffee, check out the Bundled Version!) for less than the cost of... you guessed it... a cup of coffee :D  Happy Scrapping!

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