Wednesday, January 25, 2012

The Photo Project

Hi there!  For those of you who are doing a Project 365 or 52, how's it going?  Mine is touch and go, to be perfectly honest ;)  I'm trying to take an Instagram photo every day with my phone, but I knew that if I was actually going to scrap something, I was going to have to make it easy.  When I download my Intagram photos, they are 612 pixels square, which works really well if I want to put all 7 (or the numbe I managed to get, LOL) on a page.  So I created this set of elements to make it super quick and easy:

You can make it your own in a variety of ways (you can even clip a fave paper to the frame) or you can keep it super simple:

Fun, huh?  And hopefully it will keep me on track :)

I also have some expansion packs for kits you may already have:

All of these goodies are on sale 20% off through Friday so stop by and get some inspiration!

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Shanners said...

Oh my goodness - more stuff I think I need for my latest scrapbook project!