Saturday, February 4, 2012

Digging out.

I went a little crazy taking snow pictures yesterday. Trust me, there are many more.  Pretty much the same scene, too, because I wasn't about to set foot outside :)

Today the sun is making periodic appearances and it's starting to melt off:

I can't take any credit for the shoveling ^^  because of that whole not going out in the snow thing :)  I will say, however, that I much prefer my drop shadows on the bottom set of photos.  Because that's important too, right?  (random, I know)

Since I goofed so thoroughly Wednesday night, I thought I'd make a point of showing you my team's beautiful work with this week's new releases.
First, with Her Smile:  





And a couple from me:

And with His Heart:

 Sondra (♥ this)

 Mine (one more wedding page finished, Yay!)

Jan (TDC Team)

His Heart and Her Smile are also available bundled:

Kim demonstrated that the two kits can work together beautifully - this is SUCH a fabulous layout! ♥

And, of course, I did a layout updating my instagram project photos (P365/52):

Did you get a chance to sample Photo Project 2?  The giveaway has expired, but the good news is it's still all on sale through Sunday night (along with all the other goodies).    And keep an eye on my Facebook page - odds are I will be a little bored during the big game tomorrow ::coughcough:: and might have to entertain myself with special savings codes, LOL.  See you then!

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Shanners said...

Julie, your stuff is amazing! I'm working on a scrapbook for Hubby's grandma. There's lots of old b/w photos that will look great with these 2 kits! I can't wait to go pick it up! I'm so happy to be back in the scrapping game! :)