Monday, April 30, 2012

Want (i)NSD money??? Look here!

The Digichick Designers are getting ready for National Scrapbook Day
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We are starting our NSD weekend early by sharing several Giveaway chances to WIN
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How would you like to have a gift certificate to spend on your NSD Wish List?

Each designer has posted an individual thread with their Giveaway details
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Etc by Danyale
Sherwood Studio
Wishing Well Creations


Thursday, April 26, 2012

Day by Day... Subtle Chevrons

Back in January, I took a beautiful set of colors and created a daily-use digital scrapbooking kit.  It is a lovely kit, and I've used it quite a lot.  However, it's now April, nearly May, and... well, it isn't fresh any more, but there are still a LOT of days left in 2012!  So it seemed it was time to add a little something to freshen it up and give you lots of new options for your Project Life or P365/52 layouts.  And since chevrons are all the rage right now, it seemed a good time to put them into action!

I must say, I am reminded once again how much I ♥ this color palette!

There's also a fun set of flairs (big enough to give you lots of flexibility for stacking or resizing down to fit smaller needs).  After I made the preview, it occurred to me that it would be nice to have plain buttons as well as a Month set, so they are in the folder, just not shown :)
digital scrapbooking templates

And of course, some new journal cards - sized 3x4, 4x3, 6x4, and 2.5x 3.5
digital scrapbooking downloads

And if you want them all, there's a money saving bundle!
Sherwood Studios Digital Scrapbooking

I took them for a little test drive (thanks to daughter Molly for the photo)
digital scrapbooking

digital scrapbooking
Layout by Jennifer

digital scrapbooking kits
Layout by Kim

All this ziggity zaggetty fun will be at the introductory sale price at The Digichick through Friday!

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Freebie Alert!

Do you love digital scrapbooking kits?  Do you love FREE digital scrapbooking kits?  My digi-friend Jen Conlon has a wonderful blog where she picks the best digiscrap freebies out there in the interwebs and posts them on her blog.  It's a great way to locate great stuff and find new goodies to inspire!  I've created a fun new kit and if you sign up for her digiscrap newesletter, you can download it free!!

There's also a cute matching alpha set that you can pick up right now on the Quality DigiScrap Freebies Facebook Page:

Her newsletter comes out on Wednesday, so pop over and make sure you're signed up!

Oh, and I've changed the random sale items again in my shop at The DigiChick - be sure to check your wish lists!

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Got Scotties? Cute overload!

I've always thought Scottie dogs were awfully cute, even before we had one.  So when my daughter got a new Scottie puppy, it seemed as though the time was finally right to create a Scottie-themed digital scrap-booking kit!  And since Penelope (that's the new little cutie's name) got a spiffy new yellow harness that made her look like a little bumblebee, there's an extra little add-on with that particular flight of fancy.  And since I recognize that others might want to scrap their own kitty/ puppy, there are a dozen silhouettes of Penelope's "friends" to make things slightly more breed-specific :)  The nice thing about the scottie silhouette is that it's very hybrid friendly - would make really cute cards or gift tags!  (And here's a little hint - if you need one of the black silhouettes in white - just open the file in photoshop (or elements) and hit ctrl+ I to invert the color to white!) 

digital scrapbooking freebies

digital scrapbooking

free digital scrap-booking kits

digital scrapbooking kits

There's something about puppies that's just so cute, and so layouts + puppies = super cute!

digital scrapbooking templates

digital scrapbooking layouts

digital scrapbooking downloads
Layout by Jennifer

Layout by Pamie

Layout by Sondra

Layout by Michelle

The Penelope bundle is available at The DigiChick at a bargain bundled price, and it's even on sale for 20% off through Friday, so what are you waiting for?  Jump on the cute wagon!  Happy Scrapping!

Sunday, April 15, 2012

And the winner is...

It's that time - time to pick the winner of The Photo Project Bundle!  Thanks to all of you who commented :)
There were 17 comments, so off to we go!

Our winners are:  #2, Wendy; # 12, Lana, and Lucky number 13, Joy2Scrapbook!  Drop me an email at thesherwoodstudio (at) gmail (dot) com, ladies and I will send you your prize :)  For everyone else, discount code PHOTO50 will snag you 50% off your order through tomorrow, so go snap and then scrap!  Thanks, everyone, for playing along!

Thursday, April 12, 2012

New Photo Projects! And a chance for the whole kit and kaboodle!

As many of you already have figured out, I'm a big fan of the Instagram app on my iPhone.  Yeah, the pictures aren't anything to write home about (I've been on the receiving end of many well-meant lectures about the poor quality of the Instagram camera), and if you download them from the web they are small.  But you know what?  I'm taking more photos, more consistently, and capturing some little details of life that would slither on past and glide into oblivion, otherwise.  And I like that.  Mostly because it's easy, and it's convenient, and it suits my particular set of strengths and inadequacies, LOL.

One thing that makes Instagram work for me is being to download the photos no matter if I'm on the "right" computer or not, so if I'm stuck somewhere with no access to my desktop, I can still scrap something.  I use to download my photos to my "scrap me" photo folder, and presto! I'm in business :)  And I admit I rather like the websized photos.  I could download from my phone and get more substantially sized photos, but a) see comment above about camera quality, and b) many are taken from the car at a stoplight, y'know?  Don't really need to see the bugs on my windshield in greater detail ;)  I also like that I can fit lots of photos on one page - whether it's a Project 365/52 layout, or whether it's just a series of details that belong together, I like the flexibility.  And that's why I started making Photo Project element packs, because it keeps me scrapping these little bits and provides a way to give my pages interest and continuity.  

There are two new additions to the collection this week:

Some cute little vintage photo edges, plus photo corners and two kinds of tape.  The photo corners and the frames remind me so much of my mother's immaculate photo albums - all done on plain grey paper, with each photo neatly placed in the photo corners and her tidy printing by each photo (I tell her she was the inspiration for my scrapbooking obsession, LOL).  Confession time... I actually scrapped a page using these, and I worked hard on my shadows, lifting corners, and lowering shadows under the tape.  It was magnificent.  And somehow Photoshop and Windows 7 got their wires crossed and it "saved" as some unusable file.  I was not pleased!  Although if I'm being honest, the only inspired part were the shadows, the rest of the page was pretty dull, LOL.  So I will reproduce it later and spiff it up a bit ;)

I like the flimstrip effect for a series of photos - like the photos of the iris my daughter and son-in-law sent me for my birthday.  I've included strips for 5, 3, and single photos so you have flexibility with your arrangement.

Here I scrapped some photos of Easter details at my house - we had a very low-key holiday, so there weren't any action photos to scrap, but this captured the memorable details.

Instagram recently released an Android version of their app, so lots more folks are going to have the opportunity to join the fun!  For those of you who are scrappers, and find the same fascination for imperfect 612 pixel square photos, I've bundled all the Photo Project element packs that I've released to date at a special savings:

And as a special welcome to new Instagram scrappers, established Instagram scrappers, and cameraphone photo enthusiasts of all sorts, I'm going to be giving away a Bundle pack to one lucky reader!  All you need to do is leave a comment here on my blog, and I will swoop in at the end of the weekend and choose one random winner :)

In the meantime, all of these products will be at their introductory sale price through Friday at the DigiChick store, so grab your phone, get clickin,' and SCRAP!

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Thriftique... The Back Room

I must admit, I enjoyed creating Thriftique.  So much so that it was too hard to let go and do something else, LOL.  I thought perhaps an add-on would be useful (because if one has a lot of heritage photos to scrap, the more tools at hand the better, right?) but it got a little out of hand and became a full kit in its own right...  This one isn't as bright, and the papers are more pattern-y but still aged and distressed.  As I added bits and pieces, it seemed as though these would be things you  might find in the "back room" at a thrift or antique shop - maybe they needed cleaning, or mending.  And then there are some clerical items for running the store - as you can see, my mind goes pretty much where it wants to go and I'm along for the ride ;)

I also realize that not everyone is as fond of distressed and aged and grungy as I am, so there's a set of clean and tidy vintage-y patterned papers, as well:

I also made some borders using elements from both kits - easy way to dress up a page quickly if you are limited for time or have a large project to finish.

Then it seemed logical to bundle all those goodies up - but I didn't want anyone who had already purchased the first Thriftique kit to get left out of the savings, so there are two versions:
Whew!  Still with me?  Because my dear friends have created such lovely examples for you!

 Layout by Anita (TDC)

 Layout by DJ

 Layout by Me!

 Layout by Jennifer

 Layout by Kate (TDC)

 Layout by Kim

 Layout by Sondra

 Layout by Pamie

Layout by Lexy

Thriftique...The Back Room and all the other new goodies will be available at the introductory sales price through Friday at my DigiChick shop - even the bundles are on sale!  And make sure you drop by my Facebook page because I have a coordinating freebie up there for my "likers"  :)