Thursday, April 19, 2012

Got Scotties? Cute overload!

I've always thought Scottie dogs were awfully cute, even before we had one.  So when my daughter got a new Scottie puppy, it seemed as though the time was finally right to create a Scottie-themed digital scrap-booking kit!  And since Penelope (that's the new little cutie's name) got a spiffy new yellow harness that made her look like a little bumblebee, there's an extra little add-on with that particular flight of fancy.  And since I recognize that others might want to scrap their own kitty/ puppy, there are a dozen silhouettes of Penelope's "friends" to make things slightly more breed-specific :)  The nice thing about the scottie silhouette is that it's very hybrid friendly - would make really cute cards or gift tags!  (And here's a little hint - if you need one of the black silhouettes in white - just open the file in photoshop (or elements) and hit ctrl+ I to invert the color to white!) 

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There's something about puppies that's just so cute, and so layouts + puppies = super cute!

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Layout by Jennifer

Layout by Pamie

Layout by Sondra

Layout by Michelle

The Penelope bundle is available at The DigiChick at a bargain bundled price, and it's even on sale for 20% off through Friday, so what are you waiting for?  Jump on the cute wagon!  Happy Scrapping!

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