Thursday, May 31, 2012

A hint of the exotic...gets me every time!

I will admit that I am a sucker for things that are a little bit out of the ordinary.  Put it down to my inner stubbornness, I guess.  One of my favorite things EVER is when Hobby Lobby has a big bunch of items marked down 50% or less - the sale stuff is usually exotic and gilded and textural and exciting and nothing like my rather pedestrian and ordinary existence. Mind you, being the methodical creature that I am, a non-pedestrian and non-ordinary existence would probably frighten the living daylights out of me... so I garner my touch of excitement and please my thrifty side (and my husband, LOL) at the same time, while adding interesting touches to my decor at the same time - win-win!

That whole "furtive exotic touches" thing was the major influence behind Thriftique... The World Bazaar.  As you may know, I've created a collection around a mythical thrift/antique/collectible store in my head.  My head isn't particularly confined to reality, I would like to point out, but it can be a fun place :)  I've been in thrift stores before where the staff has gathered the unusual items in their stock in a single area and have titled the collection accordingly, and that was the impetus behind this particular kit.  As with the other Thriftique kits, the pieces are a bit random, but brought together by the color palette and papers into a whole that curiously makes sense.  And while we are on the subject of color palettes, I'm completely in love with the delicious drama of this one!

So without further ado (i.e. yammering), here's Thriftique... The World Bazaar:

I'm loving the examples from my talented scrapping team:

Layout by Anita (TDC)

Layout by Kate (TDC)

Layout by Kim

Layout by Pamie

The applications are many - after all, we scrappers like to think of the World Before Us when we are feeling philosophical... or heritage photos, or else there are the literal applications of the various elements (travel, adventure, or just really, really lovely colors, LOL).  Whatever inspires you, try adding a taste of the exotic to some of your photos, and enjoy the thrill!   :)  (The World Bazaar will be at its introductory sale price at my DigiChick store through Friday!  Happy Scrapping!)


Robin said...

I love these colors!

akingslow said...

This looks like my kind of kit, great layouts from the team also.
wonderful texture in all of the elements. Thanks for sharing