Thursday, July 5, 2012

Kitchen Tales

New in my shop this week is a collection that I've always had a secret hankering to do, but never gathered the intestinal fortitude until recently, LOL.  It's a kitchen-y kit with vintage overtones and lots of cozy touches.  I admit to a great deal of selfishness in choosing the palette.  It will look wonderful in my kitchen :)  One of my first digi projects was creating a cookbook for my younger daughter (she was still in college, and kept emailing me wanting to know how to make something).  While my heart was in the right place, my skills were not quite lined up with my intentions, and the book is, quite frankly, awful.  So I want to re-do it (with drop shadows this time, what a revolutionary concept!) and I needed the goodies to accomplish that task... the result is "Kitchen Tales:"

There's matching word art (so handy for titles!)

And a minimalist clean-style addition (this is going to really help with the recipe collection)

Plus a set of matching solids to increase the versatility of the set:

My creative team has provided their usual delightful examples:
Layout by Anita

Layout by Donna

Layout by Jeri

Layout by Kim

Layout by Michelle

Layout by Tropt (TDC)

Layout by Pamie

I also put everything together in a money-saving bundle, just in case you have a project to tackle like mine, LOL.  We can use all the help we can get, right?  Kitchen Tales is on sale through Friday in my Digichick store, so pick it up, plop down next to the air conditioner, and scrap in the cool air :)  Happy Scrapping!

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JeannieK said...

I love your new Kitchen kit! Colors are perfect for the desert SW! I think I like the minimalist look a bit better - but then I've always preferred smaller prints to large ones.
Please don't forget your newsletter readers who don't use Facebook (personal reasons) and would love to see coupons! :) Thanks!!