Friday, August 17, 2012

The Great Server Death of '12

It has been an interesting time since last I blogged.

The server for The Digichick had a few hiccups, and then it died completely.  As is the way of Murphy's Law and other similar precepts, the backup unfortunately couldn't take the pressure and had a nervous breakdown, leaving us entirely without a store.  There has been a lot of frantic uploading of files, sorting, organizing, sobbing, x-carting, and whining, along with a fair amount of gnashing of teeth, but I'm happy to tell you that we are up and back in business.  There will be some remodeling ahead, but we have a nifty new version of shopping software that has given us some new capabilities, and we're all excited and ready to get back to work!  So onward to the fun stuff :)

First, we are having a sale to celebrate TDC's 7th anniversary.  Everything will be on sale at 35% off through Sunday, and there are many fun activities planned, as well as not one but TWO special store collaborative kits - one from the current designers, and one from TDC "alumni" designers!

Second, because of the new shopping software, we've been able to implement something we've really wanted to do for some time now - you can earn reward points with your purchases, save 'em up, and spend 'em on more goodies in the store!  There's a thread in the forums HERE with all the info and I'm sure you'll agree this is going to be fun :)

I've got some new goodies in the store to help celebrate.  First is a lush and lovely kit called Romanze, because it virtually oozes romance:

There's also a matching set of solid papers:

I also have a new Photo Project available; this one is sized for 4x6 photos.  My older daughter wants to make a 4x6 flip book at Snapfish with some of her photos of her trip to Korea, so this is a quick way to make them a little special - there are four photo masks, a parchment background, and 4 vellum labels/journal spots.

Of course, you can also use the masks alone to add a special touch to a photo on a layout, too.  Lots of fun possibilities!

And of course, don't forget this pretty little kit from before The Great Server Death:

So there you go, lots of new goodies just waiting for you, with points to be earned!  I hope you'll join us for the fun in the forums and we'll have a great scrapping weekend to celebrate :)  I'll leave you with this wonderful inspiration from my great creative team.

 Happy Scrapping!

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Kendra said...

Glad to see you are back in business. It was nice to see you at Target the other day. We are overdue for a get-together!