Friday, September 7, 2012

Little Princess and a new Photo Project 4x6

So, last week I complained about pastels and how hard they are for me to scrap with.  And then I designed a new kit that is essentially pastel.  Because let's face it, these colors are PRETTY.  And little girls need to be scrapped with pretty things :)  Even if they are little puppy girls (see my layout at the bottom).  And I need to just be quiet and learn how to scrap pastel-y, LOL.  So, for the little Princess in your life, I present this charming minikit:

 Layout by Kim

 Layout by Michelle

 Layout by Pamie

 Layout by Lexy

 Layout by DJ

Layout by Arlene (TDC)
And one from me :)

I also have another addition to The Photo Project 4x6 collection.  This entry contains 4 diptychs - a single card featuring two photos that complement each other:

And an example:
Here I have combined a detail photo at the top, with the full panoramic view at the bottom. I think I may tweak it and use the black background since the sky is so pale in the pictures.  Because I have included the files in layered form, you can clip whatever paper you want to the bottom layer :)

Little Princess and The Photo Project 4x6 - Diptychs  are available through Sunday at the introductory sales price, all set for your weekend scrapping :)  Have fun!

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JeannieK said...

The Photo Project 4x6 Diptychs were a must have! Loved using them to make my desktop this month. LO posted in the TDC gallery.