Thursday, December 27, 2012

All the work is done, now it's time for bargains!

I truly enjoy the windup to Christmas - it's hectic, but it's fun.  But I will confess, my inner bargain hunter is a big, big fan of after Christmas sales ;)  I have some things to exchange, and I'm glad of the excuse to see what else I can sneak into my shopping bag!  And to keep the spirit of bargain hunting goodness going, I've created a super secret code for you to save in my shop :)  (yeah, I know, it isn't a secret at all, but didn't that make it sound wildly exotic and fun?  Maybe I've just had too much sugar, LOL).  So after you get done at the mall scoring all those bargains, put your feet up and use the code AfterSale50 to get some digi bargains.  In true blonde fashion, as I set up the code I changed my mind in the middle of the process, so while it SAYS 50 (which would imply 50% off, right?) I really made it 60% off.  Because that would delight my bargain hunting soul much more than half off ;)  Enjoy your shopping, and I hope you find many delightful savings out there in shopping land!

Monday, December 10, 2012


Goodness, I'm a naughty girl these days - I haven't blogged for ages!  'Tis the Season to get behind on things, I guess - I'm sure you all know what I mean!
New in the store this week:

This was just one of those palettes that grabbed me from the get-go.  I love the drama and the rich colors and patterns.  It's really just a winter kit, but it's dressy enough for holiday photos, too!  There's also a very soft an pretty set of shabby solids, which work great for softening layouts where your picture needs to be the source of the drama ;)

And of course my team created some lovely examples for your inspiration:

 Layout by Anita (I ♥ this wreath!)

 Layout by Holly

 Layout by DJ

 Layout by Dolores

 Layout by Jennifer

 Layout by Kim

 Layout by Kristen

 Layout by Lexy

 Layout by Michelle

 Layout by Pamie

 Layout by Sondra

Layout by Anne

Beautiful layouts, and you can see how many different looks you can achieve!

Because I'm so late blogging about new goodies, I'll extend the sale for another day - 30% off until tomorrow!