Thursday, July 26, 2012

Window Box

Dating back to Thriftique, The World Bazaar, I've seen a lot of animals & fishies trot through my Photoshop in the last couple of months.  Well, ok, the fish don't trot, they swim.  Still, I was very involved with a lot of creatures in one way or another :)  This week the only two involved are a bird and a butterfly - everything else is inanimate, thank goodness!  I started with a lovely deep-summer palette of rose and green, with just a bit of shabby grey and cream to provide a nice neutral grounding:

This is without question a very happy palette!  There's also an add-on pack of papers and a cute alpha that comes in 3 colors:

And, of course, the bundle pack for extra savings:

It was so much fun to see the different takes from my creative team (talented, talented ladies!)

 Layout by Pamie

  Layout by Jeri

  Layout by Lexy

  Layout by Anita

  Layout byMichelle

  Layout by Jennifer

  Layout by Sondra

  Layout by Kim

And another beauty from Anita :)

I will admit that I rarely create a kit that doesn't include enough neutrals to be able to scrap a gender-neutral layout, and Window Box is no exception.  Note that Pamie's layout of her son utilizes the greys and creams to create a boyish look.  I wanted to follow up with that (read: I got a new picture of my daughter's puppy this morning and I really wanted to play with it, LOL) and create my own "girly-at-a-minimum" layout:

I was rather pleased with the way it turned out, so I turned it into a template (something I rarely do - I don't really "speak" template, LOL!)  I'd love to see what you use it for, feel free to post a link!

You can download the template HERE  :)

"Window Box" will be on sale at the introductory sale price through Friday at my Digichick shop, so swing by and grab some summer and scrap!

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Under the Sea Add-ons!

A funny thing happened on the way to the aquarium...  well, not really.  But while scrapping, I have discovered that sea creatures have a heaping helping of vibrant color, so I wanted some additions to the original Under the Sea to accomodate some of that pizazz!

There's also a minimalist version for lovers of clean graphic lines and tiny prints - this add-on kit also contains solid background papers:

Here's a close up look at the journaling cards included in the Minimalist version:

And of course I have bundled it a couple of ways to help you save $$ but still get the parts you want :)

My layout

Another from me!  I used a super-cool set of actions from CharmBox Studio for the awesome aged effect on the photos - SO.MUCH.FUN!

Layout by DJ

One last one from me... honestly, I've been thinking about Red Lobster for two weeks now!

Under the Sea Add-on Pack and Minimalist are both available in my Digichick store at the introductory sale price through Friday, so scoop 'em up and scrap in the air conditioning and think cool thoughts!  There's a new little freebie on my Facebook page, too :)

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Under the Sea (there's a freebie, too!)

Hey there!  Hope everyone is staying cool (or toasty warm, depends on which part of the globe you're on) and enjoying life :)  Not to mention getting lots of scrapping done!

Today's release is a companion kit to the Menagerie collection.  It's designed for Aquarium photos, whether they are the sort you visit or the big glass bowl on the counter with goldfish.  Or even the one with sandy beaches (it's kind of big, LOL)!  The palette I chose overlaps with the Menagerie set, so if you have a combined project the layouts will flow together.  I'm kind of a fan of blue and green, so I've enjoyed my photoshop time immensely this week!

Part of the inspiration for the style came from these fabulous vintage sealife illustrations - I've previewed them separately so you can see the details, but they are included with the kit so you don't have to purchase them separately!

And lots of inspiration from my CT ladies and the team at The Digichick:

As you can see - lots of different looks and styles, and they all look fabulous!

The last layout with the Aquarium "window" was one I created with one of my daughters' photos from her recent visit to a Korean Aquarium.  I get a huge kick out of the photos because there are so many with dark silhouettes in front of a blue window looking at fish, LOL.  So I thought it would be fun to duplicate the look.  And because I don't like being silly on my own, I've packaged up the pieces so you can play along :)

You can download your "do it yourself" kit HERE.

Menagerie...Under the Sea will be at its introductory sale price through Friday, so stop by and get your inner mermaid to work ;)  Happy Scrapping!

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Kitchen Tales

New in my shop this week is a collection that I've always had a secret hankering to do, but never gathered the intestinal fortitude until recently, LOL.  It's a kitchen-y kit with vintage overtones and lots of cozy touches.  I admit to a great deal of selfishness in choosing the palette.  It will look wonderful in my kitchen :)  One of my first digi projects was creating a cookbook for my younger daughter (she was still in college, and kept emailing me wanting to know how to make something).  While my heart was in the right place, my skills were not quite lined up with my intentions, and the book is, quite frankly, awful.  So I want to re-do it (with drop shadows this time, what a revolutionary concept!) and I needed the goodies to accomplish that task... the result is "Kitchen Tales:"

There's matching word art (so handy for titles!)

And a minimalist clean-style addition (this is going to really help with the recipe collection)

Plus a set of matching solids to increase the versatility of the set:

My creative team has provided their usual delightful examples:
Layout by Anita

Layout by Donna

Layout by Jeri

Layout by Kim

Layout by Michelle

Layout by Tropt (TDC)

Layout by Pamie

I also put everything together in a money-saving bundle, just in case you have a project to tackle like mine, LOL.  We can use all the help we can get, right?  Kitchen Tales is on sale through Friday in my Digichick store, so pick it up, plop down next to the air conditioner, and scrap in the cool air :)  Happy Scrapping!