Friday, January 11, 2013

Life Story- Cheerful

I have lots of new Life Story goodies for you this week!  While working on my family heritage book in December, I realized how much easier a big project can be if you have a great variety of elements and papers to choose from that work together, so that's my goal with the Life Story collection.  This week I had a request for a kit with no flowers.  Please pause while Julie gasps for air.  I chose to focus on the cheerful aspect of the color palette and include lots of clean patterns and bright geometric elements.  The result is quite cheerful, I think!  And since it is the same palette as Life Story, you can grab other elements (i.e. flowers, gasp gasp) and intermingle them ;)

I also have a series of stand-alone element packs that are a lot of fun.  I'm just completely in love with these chalk memo boards.  You see them all over the place in home decor, and I think it's a fun creative touch for layouts, too!

There's also a date kit, with several blank chalkboard elements and a brush set with days of the week, months, individual numbers, and some phrases/ icons.  I captured the chalky look with these, so all you have to do is stamp and it will mimic chalk in whatever color you choose!

There's also a set of journal cards that coordinate with Life Story papers to provide a counterpoint to last week's chalky journal cards.  These are sized at 3x4 so they will work with Project Life, too :)

I have a great set of bright patterned papers with a chalked effect - the chalk design element will add extra cohesiveness to your Life Story project and they're fun, too :)

Last is a set of banners, which are such a great element for tucking under and clustering.  There's even a chalked version to place directly on your paper.

Of course, if you love them all, there's a value-priced bundle, as well!

I have more loveliness from my team - most of these incorporate bits and pieces from both bundles, so you can see how well they work together:

 Layout by Kim

 Layout by Jeri

 Layout by Pamie

 Layout by Dolores

 Layout by Jeri

Layout by Sondra

 Cards by Cathrine  - by the way, Cathrine has an awesome Hybrid Cardmaking Class up at the Digichick and it's FREE!  Think how fun it would be to make your cards this year!  You can find it HERE.

Lastly, I took a stab at creating an iPad wallpaper for my daughters this week.  Because a wallpaper needs to work two ways - vertically and horizontally, it's a little tricky to design.  I'm still not quite sure I like my version on my screen - I may have to practice a bit to put elements where they don't interfere with icons.  However, it makes a beautiful lockscreen :)  I've packaged it up for you in two versions - one with the Bible verse, and one with a blank memo board.  I've also included the photoshop document I set up that shows the lines for the vertical view and the horizontal view (the little squares in all the corners never show), so you can make your own cover, too :)

You can download it HERE

All righty, I think that about wraps it up - don't forget that Life Story Cheerful and the new Life Story Bundle 2 are at the introductory sale price through Sunday.  And in case you missed last week's sale, I've put the first Life Story Bundle at the 30% off price for this New Release period as well!  Enjoy shopping, and happy scrapping!


Anonymous said...

Thanks so much!

Linda Hanson said...

Just made it my iPad lockscreen, and you're right, it is gorgeous! Thanks so much!

mnJenL said...

oh wow thank you so much! I have been wanting to do one for my husband and had no idea what the dimensions would be. this will help out greatly. :)