Monday, February 11, 2013

It's time for A Sweetheart of a Sale!

Our Sweetheart of a Sale is here, and filled with delightful goodies for you!

We've created several sales categories for your
shopping pleasure :)  The Sweetheart Sale is full of lovey-dovey heart-y sorts of things.  The Old Flames category is filled with creations loved by their creators and the $2 Sweet Spot will tickle your creative side with delicious treats!

Be watching for more information about special challenges starting February 14, as well as some new delicious (but sugar-free and non-fattening!) treats.

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Daddy Loves Me

As many of you know, I'm not exactly into theme-y kits.  The stubborn person inside of me wants to be able to use what I make for many things and not just one.  So even though I've made several kits in the last few weeks that feature hearts and butterflies and the colors pink and red, they are more than just valentine kits.  This one is no different.  It's the other "half" of the kit I began last week.  That one was rich and vintage-y and a bit distressed.  This is lighter, cleaner, fresh, but still a very friendly palette (which matches - I do love me some matchy kit collections, LOL).  I had fun with the veneer elements (which frankly amuses me - I wouldn't have fake driftwood colored veneer on ANYTHING in my house, but I think it's kind of fun in a digi kit - go figure!) and the sweet little paper flowers.

There's also a set of coordinating elements - exploring some areas where kids interact with their Daddies.

A closer look at the papers -

A cute veneer medallion alpha is also included (lowercase only):

Or you can get the whole shebang, nicely bundled for savings:

And some examples to get your creative juices flowing :
 Layout by Anita

 Layout by Kim

 Layout by DJ

Layout by Sondra

 Layout by Michelle

 Layout by Lexy

Layout by Dolores

Daddy Loves Me and the extras are all on sale through Sunday at my Digichick store!

Friday, February 1, 2013

Because He Loves Me

Every now and then I will have a project turn out so far beyond my expectations that it just absolutely delights me.  I started this week's release with a color palette from real life, something I want to scrap.  About a third of the way into the project I realized that the design was heading off in a bit of a different direction than I intended, so I decided to embrace that and follow up with an additional kit later.  I couldn't be happier with the results - rich colors and textures, a touch of the dramatic, a touch vintage, casually elegant:

There's also a separate set of plain solids papers for those who like them:

and an uppercase alpha which is included with the kit:

And I have some lovely examples for you from my team ♥
Layout by Lexy

(this one's mine, I scrapped!  These weren't the photos that inspired the palette, but they certainly work well with it)

Layout by Pamie

 Layout by Anita

Layout by Sondra

Layout by Michelle

Layout by Jennifer

Layout by Kim

I made a template out of my layout for you, it's my current
Facebook freebie (but you can download it HERE)

And I have a freebie just for blog readers, too - I love glimmer mist from the paper scrapbooking world.  I am wildly inept at paper scrapping, but I spray it on stuff just because it's sparkly and it fascinates me, LOL. So I made an underlayer that mimics the real thing:

You can download it HERE

Because He Loves Me will be at the introductory 30% off sale price through Sunday at my Digichick store.  Hope you enjoy it, and happy scrapping!