Friday, May 2, 2014

Celebrate iNSD with Studio Sherwood. Let's scrap Pets!

It has been a long time coming.  I finally sorted through all the jumble in my head, and got down to creating that pet kit I've always wanted.  I think the fact that both of my daughters have new pets helped quite a bit - when one is constantly scrapping adorable photos and yet more keep rolling in, you sort of get inspired.  Combined with just a teensy bit of guilt because you KNOW you are procrastinating, LOL.  Anyway.

So here it is.  Full of outdoor colors and pet fur colors, and lots of vintage awesomeness (I can call the vintage stuff awesome, because let's face it, I was not the creator, just the curator, LOL).  Let's scrap!

There are about a trillion add-ons.  I told you, I have procrastinated a long time, but I was still collecting ideas:

(I love confetti.  I hope you share the love LOL)

(What's a collection without photo trays?)

Or you can get the whole kit and kaboodle in the big bundle:

 I also have a little matching freebie that I think would work great with the photo trays (but it's purrfectly neutral, so you can use it for any purpose):

You can download it HERE

Best part is all the new goodies (well, and the other goodies too) are on sale through Monday!

So happy shopping, happy celebrating, and most of all... happy scrapping!

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