Thursday, May 29, 2014

Not your ordinary templates...

There is a part of my mind that enjoys the specific style of creativity that is involved in making templates, but it is as quirky as the rest of me, LOL.  I like templates that enable creating a layout with lots of photos that is still interesting, but not too hard to create, because I am not infinitely patient, and I'm not good at weeding out photos and choosing just one.  I sometimes think that my scrapping life would be much easier if I were - I'd be happy with one photo, five perfectly chosen enhancements, and one perfect piece of paper.

But, I am ME.

This week, I am ME with a vengeance - a new free-standing family tree template, and a new set of photo trays designed to accommodate ALL those photos you just can't exclude because they all say a little something different.

And because I really do make these for myself, I scrapped with both of them:

 This one is a bit of a play on the "box" theme, but it shows that you can combine large and small photos - not every box needs something different.

My tree is full of birds.  It's actually very much like my back yard tree, because the one that holds the bird feeder is also bare-branched, having given up the ghost in the Colorado Winter Before Last.  We love it, because we can see them so clearly, and they like being able to see predators coming.  I seem to be incapable of not taking photos of them, even though they often look almost exactly alike, LOL.  

Two of my creative team members also used this template:

Poki actually put family in hers, I love the way she moved the tags around to put the little folks on the bottom.  Jenni has a Doggie Family tree, which I just love.  Both of them used the tree paper from last week's kit Sky High - it looks great behind that bare tree!

Hopefully that gives you some ideas of your own.  Both sets will be at the introductory sale price for a limited time, so pick 'em up and start cleaning some of those photos out of folders and into your scrapbook!  

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