Friday, December 19, 2014

Oooh, shiny...

Yes.  I am often easily distracted.  But this is a little different application of Shiny :)  More like glowing, gleaming, glimmering...

I love Christmas decorations, and it has more to do with the light than anything.  I love a flicker here and a glow there and the warm cheerful light of the Christmas tree in a dark room (jury is still out on my new "warm" LED lights... not quite the same thing).

That's what I tried to capture in CandleGlow, new this weekend in my Scrapbookgraphics shop.

There's also an add-on pack with extra papers and goodies for larger projects (or alone, for smaller ones!)

And some beautiful examples for you from my creative ladies:

CandleGlow will be at the introductory sale price for a limited time.  Enjoy, and happy scrapping!

Friday, December 5, 2014

Tis the Season

I don't know how your weather is where you live, but it's right nippy in North Dakota!  A good time for a cup of hot chocolate and some nice scrapping by the fire, LOL.

It's also nice for getting in the swing of Christmas, and I have some new goodies that will also help with that!

Last week... oh, wait.  It was the week before that.  I still haven't quite conquered my blogging schedule, have I?  Anyway, the first Christmas collection is Good Tidings of Great Joy:

I love the slight twist of the color palette, and the gleam-y glitter-y goodness of it all.  There are additional papers and extras, too, available separately or in the bundle:

Also a set of Shadow Box style templates:

This week brings a new collection to my shop.  It's rich and masculine, and less overtly Christmas:

Extra paper sets for versatility, and an alpha, since the included word art is quite specific and you may prefer other phrases.  Again, available separately or in the bundle:

Also available is a second set of Shadow Box Templates:

My team member Poki created this cute layout using the kit and templates:

In case you aren't quite sure whether these templates are a good fit for you and your scrapping style, here's a sampler to play with:

You can download it HERE.  (Need the Artisan/Page version?  Get it HERE)

That's it for me, for now.  Stay warm and I'd love to see what you do with the template!