Friday, October 31, 2014

A Return to Ordinary Life. Just in time for DSD!

I try to stay away from bemoaning the fact that I have neglected my blog, but when the last post is quite obviously more than three months old... there are not a lot of options.  My summer was taken up with my  husband's job hunt and our subsequent move to North Dakota.  Such a short sentence, such a busy time ;)  We are getting settled in our new home (you will probably hear more about this later - why is it the new house is never the same as the old one in regards to furniture and belongings fitting in?) and I have finally had the mental energy to not only get back to design, but to actually informing people in the digi world that I have accomplished something more than just breathing at the computer.

Which is just as well, since OUR holiday is upon us.  Happy Digital Scrapbooking Day, just a few hours early!

With all that has been going on in my life, as well as the advent of my favorite season, FALL, of course my thoughts turned to documenting/celebrating/bemoaning my experiences and enjoying my favorite color palettes and the result was A Season of Change:

It's entirely possible that once I got going on this collection, I had a little trouble stopping - it will certainly give you plenty of options!  If you decide you love it all, of course there is a bundled version available, too.

I wanted another set of photo clusters featuring a large photo, too, because I have found the other set to be very useful:

Best part?  It's ALL ON SALE!

Last of all, it's been so long since I had a freebie, it seemed like a good idea to make one for the occasion!

 Download me!
You can download it HERE.