Tuesday, January 27, 2015


When my older daughter was a little girl, I would tell her to go clean up her room.  I'd go in there and find her looking at a book, or playing with a doll, or worse, just sitting.  It used to make me seriously annoyed.

Then I realized (I think God helped me out, here) that she really had no idea HOW to clean up her room.  The task seemed overwhelming and she had no experience at breaking it down and doing bit by bit.

Today I went in the basement of our new (as of October 4) home.  It's still... well, the kindest thing I can say is "awry."  My husband has accomplished great things down there, putting all the right storage elements in place, and generally hanging pictures and whatnot.  But it isn't there yet.  And I feel completely overwhelmed by it, just like Kati sitting on her floor, looking at a book.

I've made three trips up and down the stairs this morning.  I spent twenty minutes looking at my scrapbooks (which was really fun, although I am glad my skills have improved).  I have stood in the middle of every room downstairs.  The guest room is in pretty good shape.  My husband's office is completely finished (he doesn't suffer from stand-in-the-middle-of-the-room-being-overwhelmed-itis).  Guest bath is good to go (one or two pictures need to be hung, but that's not so bad).

Family room.  Eep.  Cue overwhelmage.

So I did what any smart mother with grown children does.  I whined to my daughter on Facebook.

You know what she told me?  Exactly what I told her all those years ago.  Start by the door and just work your way around the room, she said.  Put everything in its spot.


But then she redeemed herself by recommending I get new music and play it full blast.  I rather like that idea.  So I'm off to make one more trip DOWN the stairs.  Not coming up til it's at least presentable :)

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