Saturday, February 28, 2015

Look, Ma! No Flowers!

I admit it.  I am something of a clusterholic sometimes when I scrap.

I'm kind of a fan of lots of things tucked here, there, and everywhere.  

I'm also a little addicted to "outlining" things.  Titles, edges of layouts - doesn't matter.  Lets me use more papers, so it can't be a bad thing  #LovesPapers

So today I tried doing something new and different.  Because I spent some time the last few days looking at recent layouts, and it seems that I am in a rut.  So here we go.  No outlines.  No elements/flowers/strings/labels/butterflies.  

Well, ok, the paper is flowered, but that's all.  And ok, maybe I outlined the photos and the diagonal.  But I rather like the clean look.  Will it become my new "thing?"  Probably not.  As it is I am itching to put another paper around the edge...

How about you? Are you in a scrapping rut?  Tried anything new lately?  I'd love to hear what you're up to!

In the meantime, I made a template out of the first layout above.  You can download it HERE.


Friday, February 27, 2015

New Release | Simple Days

Hello Scrappers! Team member La'Shawn here. I have a beautiful new release from Studio Sherwood to share with you. Today's new release is Simple Days.

As you can see, there is nothing simple about this digital scrapbooking kit. From the rustic colors, the fun banners, and what about those jars?! This kit is perfect for just about anything in your life. Scrap those simple days, or that sweet photo of your kid, or fun family game night!

Those papers are to die for! Right?!
I know you want to see this beautiful kit in action. Wait no longer. Here are some of the fantastic layouts from the Creative Team.

Here are some extras to go along with this kit. I think you are going to love these. A great addition to an already beautiful kit.

You can see this and more in use in Studio Sherwood's GALLERY.  We would love to see yours! You can post them in the gallery or you can share them on the FB page, too. Simple Days is available now at the introductory sale price, so don't miss out! We look forward to seeing your beautiful creations!

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Just Plain Fun. Fonts that may or may not have an actual use, but they tickled my fancy :)

Ready for some fun fonts?  I did the kid-in-the-candy-store-thing and just picked out everything that made my mouth water!

Here's the list with download links :)

(true love)
Claudette Aimele Chocolat
Cookie Monster
Cute as a Button
East Coast Stationery
Glazed Honey Buns
Going Rogue
MF Hello Heartache
MF Lovesong
Uptown Funk

And now, curiously, I want chocolate and cookies and honey buns.  Go figure ;)

Friday, February 13, 2015

Dainty, check. Sweet, check. Pretty, check. All set for Valentine's Day!

I guess there's still a little bit of the happy second grader in me - the one clutching her homemade Valentine's box (my father always helped me, and mine were always fabulous, thanks to him!) and carefully inscribed cards for my classmates (so much fun to pick out which one was perfect for whom).  So Valentines of all sorts have a happy, beckoning power over my girly senses and draw me in.  Which is why I always create some sort of kit this time of year that has a "heartsy" application, although that stubborn practical streak I have usually compels me to make it a little more general for scrapping lots of things.

Enter "Sentimental."  It's dainty, it's sweet, and it's pretty.  And you can scrap your valentine, or things you love, or other dreamy things.  (Or you can scrap your daughter's cat, or your other daughter's husband and dog.  Which I did.)

There's a new set of Display Boards to go along with the tender heartedness:

I'm enjoying these templates so much - so versatile and so much fun to use!

Then there's the big money-saving bundle:

And as afore-mentioned; the cat, and the husband and the dog:

I was particularly fond of that newsprint cover I made for the display board, so I added it in to the folder as a bonus - it also gives you an idea of changes/additions you can make when you create your own masterpiece!

And here's some gorgeous inspiration from my talented team:

 Layout by Robin

  Layout by Maria

  Layout by Rae

 Layout by Jenni

You can see more gorgeousness HERE in my Scrapbookgraphics gallery!  Feel free to post your own layouts there, I always love to see them! (or you can share them on my FB page, too)

The Sentimental collection is available now at the introductory sale price, so get yourself a little something sweet for Valentine's day.  You know you deserve it.  And then go buy the kit and scrap the something sweet, LOL.  Enjoy!

Tuesday, February 10, 2015


I learned to type on a Royal portable typewriter of my mother's.  At least I think it was a Royal.  I know it was portable.  As a kid I thought it was pretty darn heavy, but having inherited a non-portable model in the recent past, I appreciate how portable that original really was.  Uffda.*  They are all heavier than, say... my new 17 inch laptop.

Anyway, I wasn't particularly good at typing, having sort of a proclivity for watching my fingers rather than the copy.  Sort of  meaning "totally."

tYPwriters are also very unforgiving.  I left that oopsie there so you could see what my blog would have looked like had I been limited to a manual typerwiter. (see what I did there?  I wish I could say it was on purpose.)

The thing is, though, there is still a bit of a romance in my head with the typewritten word.  I just like the way it looks, I like the memory of the clickety-clack of the keys and the ding of the carriage return.  So it isn't a great surprise that I am fond of using typewriter fonts for journaling on my scrapbook layouts.  While I may not always use the same exact font, I like to think that using the same general "type" (ha ha) of font provides a certain unity to my pages.  

Which is my way of saying this is my schtick and I am going to use it til I am tired of it.

I did a little Googling to explore the world of typewriter fonts to expand my collection, and thought I would share them with you.  (meaning, I wasted time harvesting fonts on the web and now I am sharing them so I no longer feel guilty about the time "invested."  Sorry that I am cheating you of that experience, but you can pin this on Pinterest or share it on Facebook and then you kind of get in on the virtue with extra time left over to, oh, I dunno, go research script fonts or something...)

And the download links:

Hope there are some new ones on this list for you - must keep those font addictions fed :)  Enjoy!

*   - I live in North Dakota now, so Uffda (or Uff da) is now a regular part of my lexicon